Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Tennessee vs. MS State.......Will we survive???

After having the girls overnight a few nights, Chris and I took off to Knoxville for a much needed time away from wedding planning!!! For those that don't know ... Chris is a MS State fan and of course I am a huge TN what better than to get it all in together this Fall???? Lets just say it may be good that they don't play again for several years!! HA!! This is the car before the game.. .the deal was we fly both there and then fly the winner home. That didn't happen because we then went to Gatlinburg the next morning and just decided not to push it!!! I know Eric I should have flown my flag home!! I can remember going with Eric and his family to the AR/TN game and going into what at least 6 or 7 overtimes and finally TN pulling it out and I got to fly my flag home that day!!!! I decided to be nice this weekend and enjoy our time together away from the stress of wedding planning!!!

But a few pictures to show how much fun it was to be in Neyland Stadium again!! What better than the BIG T with the team running in!!! GO VOLS!!!!!

Chris and I during the game......

My friend Kaki lives in Knoxville now and we were lucky enough to run into her before the game and hang out a little and also another one of my friends Katy and her husband were in from Jonesboro.... we were able to go down after the first quarter and sit with them!!! I thought this might help because Katy is also a MS State fan!!



Mary-Kate said...

Megan didn't marry a UT fan, you didn't marry a UT fan, and I'm not marrying a UT fan! Guess the three of us will just have to go to the games together!

Zach and Kim said...

Where are the honeymoon pics??