Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Wallace's Party in AR

Wallace has his family party in AR at Alexis' moms house the weekend after his birthday!! I was taking Marshall and Josie to Arkansas for the week anyway so we were able to go to his party as well!!! He wanted a CARS party so that is what he got!!! My friend Amy Shumate in Jonesboro made the cake and it was great!! (her cake blog is on my friend have to go look for other awesome cakes she has made!!!)

Wallace and Josie outside at the party!!

My mom and dad came over for the party too!!! Grann with 2 out of 4 of her grandkids!!!

Abigail is really good with her new baby brother!!!!

Marshall and James....they are too funny!!

Several months ago Jay and Alexis told Wallace that he could have gum when he turned for months that is all he has said that he wants!! So Pamela...Alexis sister gave Wallace his very own gumball machine!! He was so excited!!!!

Jay and Alexis at the party... they don't get in very many and she will probably kill me for posting this one!!!

Wallace does not like cake...he is a very picky eater!!! But this year Alexis ordered half the cake strawberry so that it would be pink...Pink is one of Wallace' favorite colors.....well guess what????? HE ATE THE CAKE!! 3 pieces I think!!! Not very many people are very happy when they finally get their child to eat cake, but we all were!! We are now trying to think how we could make all foods pink!! HA!!!

Wallace turns 3!!!!

Yes I was back at Chuck E Cheese in less than a week!! On Wallace's actual birthday...July 7th, Chris and I met their family for some fun times at Chuck E Cheese!! Wallace loves it and does not like pizza so he goes for the coke and games!!! HA!!!

Baby Graves first time to Chuck E Cheese....4 weeks old!!!

I love this picture, I just wish James was in it and that maybe Graves didn't look like he was really uncomfortable!!! Its hard to get everyone still!!!
HAPPY BIRTHDAY WALLACE!!! I can not believe that you are 3!! Aunt JuJu and Uncle Chris love you!!!

Ship Island and the 4th of July

Chris and I were able to take a long weekend to MS to see his family for the 4th of July!! We got there late Wednesday night and stayed until Monday afternoon!!! On Thursday we went to Ship Island on a boat in Gulfport, MS. Chris and I went by ourselves and had a great time!!! It was great to be on the beach for the day and play in the ocean too!!

The boat ride over!! The water was so pretty!!!

On the beach!!

I thought this picture was funny.. a bird on almost every post!!! What a pretty scene!!

This was our boat!! So much fun!! I hope next time we can get his family to go with us!!!

We when got back on the boat to leave..a young girl had caught this off the back of the boat!!

On the way back on the boat..we got in some shade on top and relaxed!!!

The 4th of July is Chris' birthday so celebrated with some gifts....see how excited he is!! HA!!

His mom always gets him a great cake!!!!

This is the plate that Chris and I got his mom for Mother's is one of those
"Happy Everything" plates so we put the Flag attachment on for the 4th!!!

Chris' brother and his wife always have a 4th of July party at their house...
Cooper and Chris enjoying some play time

Charlene's youngest niece Jordan....she has 3 nieces and they all had on these cute dresses!!!

Our nephew Conner with the rest of his cousins!!!

After everyone left Chris and I swam with Conner and Cooper!!!
We really had a great time in MS for the long weekend!! When we go we try to stay as long as we can!! We got to visit his grandma too... I didn't get as many pictures as I would have liked to, but I did get some!!!


Cooper came to see me!! He is going to have a lot of litlte cousins to play with come Christmas!! Kristin came to see me with Sam and Cooper, but somehow I only have pictures of Cooper!! I am so bad!! but he has grown so much since I had seen him that it was good to get to hold him!! He is 4 months old now and he is precious!! I was trying to make him smile in these pictures, but he only made me look goofy!!

Monday, July 20, 2009

Chuck E Cheese..yet again!!!

I just thought these straws were too cute!!!

Raleigh turns 1!!!

Raleigh turned one June 26th!! I can not believe it!! The week of her birthday Amanda was in Nashville and brought Raleigh to play with Josie and they played dress up!!!

And then the day after her birthday they came and swam while I had the girls!! Raleigh loves the water and even tried out the new slide!!!

Family Fun

My dad came to stay a few days to help with the older kids after the baby was born...Alexis mom stayed a while and then my mom came in and then my dad came!! He brought them all over to swim where I work one day and we had so much fun!!
Chris and James ....James has lost so many teeth lately!!

The whole crew...I can't remember why Wallace was crying!!!
Marshall loves to swim!!

Wallace taking off too!!!

My dad throwing James...and Marshall at times too!!

Trying to get Abigail in the air....there were the 2 best ones!!!

Josie loves to jump off to... She yells Cannon Ball everytime she jumps off!! TOO CUTE!!!

Burgess Falls

Chris took me to Burgess Falls on Father's Day and we had so much fun!!! Sometimes on the weekends and week nights when we have nothing to do I start going CRAZY!! HAHA!!! And this was one of those days...I just wanted to do something!!! So he had heard about this place about an hour outside of Nashville and I was all for it!! It was HOT and I am sure I did a little complaining, but it was well worth it!! It is a hike through about 6 different falls....the last one is the biggest and you can walk all the way to the bottom of it and it was amazing!! The breeze down there and you could feel the water... you could swim if you wanted to, but we stayed up on the rocks!! Very beautiful!!!
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