Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Jay's Birthday...Out with the Family

Jay's Birthday was October 16th and I had the girls overnight that night so we joined Jay's family along with Jon for dinner.

This is Josie at my house while we were getting ready... this is one of her new moves!!
Chris and Josie...Chris has a big thing or Josie and I think Josie might feel the same...when she is not attached to me!!

Abigail and Josie

The Family of Five about to come the family of 6....Alexis is pregnant and due in June!!!!

Wallace helping Jay blow out the candles!!

Chris and I with all the kids....Somehow they were all at our end of the table!!!

Jon and Jay hanging at the other end!!


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The Hardin Family said...

I did not know Alexis was expecting again! That's so awesome!