Friday, February 19, 2010

More sledding fun!!

After the weekend of all the snow , schools were still closed!! So I took Josie(Marshall was out of town at Disney World) over to see the kids and we actually went to the movies, but when we got back Wallace and Josie went sledding down Jay and Lex driveway!!

These two are too cute together..they get along so well!!!

James was a trooper and pulled them around everywhere!!!!

Josie loves Abigail!!!


So the day after the BIG snow I went to see my brother and the kids... I wanted to go sledding and they had been the day before!!! They live close to Radnor Lake and they have a great hill to go down....Jay and I took James and Wallace and it was so much fun!!!! Chris had to go out of town so he was gone!! :(

Before we went sledding I took Graves outside for his first snow.. and as you can see he was not impressed!!!!

" Where is Spring?" Is what he is saying here!!!!

Wallace is really hard to get a picture of!!!

Wallace always got to ride up the hill too!!!

I had on WAY to many layers here.. I look like a BIG PUFF here.... I ended up taking several off before it was all over!!!

Sledding with James!!

He was such the dare devil!!!
Jay and Wallace!!!

The boys throwing ice into the water!!

James enjoyed eating on this one!!!

It was really pretty at Radnor!!

Wallace making a snow angel!!!

Blurry, but Jay and James go down together!!!

This was the last one of the day... it was so funny to watch them come down like this!!!

The BIG snow of the year!!

We got about 5 inches on the 2nd snow of the year....Chris and I went to lunch that Friday and then to see the kids that night.....that night when we got back home it snowed even was fun taking pictures....We tried to go out and build a snowman, but the snow was not packing very good that night!!!

I am glad I married a good Driver!!!

This is our sidewalk to the parking lot...

The courtyard outside our front door...

Chris standing out in the parking lot....

My friend Jo gave me this heart and sits on our back padio and I thought it was funny how the snow was around it!!!

Monkeys Treehouse Days

We were able to make it Monkeys Treehouse a few times while the weather was so cold!!!
Marshall is enjoying herself!!!
Josie was having fun too!!!

Another day we met Hollis and Raleigh...which I did not get a picture of either of them!!!

But Alexis came that day too with Wallace and Graves!!...Wallace spent a lot of the time as SPIDERMAN!!!

One of Graves BIG smiles!!!He sure loves his Aunt JuJu!!!

Wallace and Josie off for the races!!!

A MUCH needed night out with my girls!!! (my BIG girls that is!!)

Since my birthday is in the middle of all the holidays it is sometimes hard to get everyone together!! Amanda did a great job to get everyone together in early January!! We met at the new YOLOS in Green Hills... it was really good!! Thank you girls for coming out!! We need to do it again soon!!!

Another Sleepover

Again in January the girls came to spend the night with me...Chris was out of town so it was just us girls!!! They love pajama parties with a movie and popcorn so that is what we did!!!

The next morning their parents picked them up for breakfast and their was snow on the ground again!!! YEAH!!! So we played around in it while we waited!!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

1st Snow of 2010

The 1st snow of the year(early January)... it wasn't BIG but it was enough to get out in and have some fun with my girls!!! Josie didn't have school this day she and I played in it in the morning!! I couldn't wait to go get Marshall from school so that she could play in it too!!! When it comes to snow I am big kid...Well I guess I am always a kid with my job, but I LOVE SNOW!!!!

Josie made snow angels!!!
Josie and I having a little fun in the snow!!!


Pulling her a sled was a workout for her mommy and I!!!!

It was not easy to make a snowman either....not enough snow and it really wasn't sticking together much, but we made a mini snowman!!

Look as Josie's pose!! She is a mess...we can hardly get Marshall to look at the camera!!

BUNNY went sledding too!!!


Inside for some HOT chocolate!!!

Playdate with Wallace

Josie and I went and picked up Wallace one day and went to play at Chick-fil-A...they had a great time together!! They really place nice together

Josie is so easy to get a picture of these days... I know it could change at any moment so I take it when I can!!!
Aww aren't her and Wallace the cutest!!!

And BUNNY too!! She goes everywhere with us!! I really should start taking her picture everywhere we go!!!

JuJu and her Josie!!!