Wednesday, December 3, 2008

One of our favorite places....CHUCK E CHEESE!!!!

If you ask Marshall any day what she wants to do I can promise you Chuck E Cheese is at the top of that list....Josie is getting to where she can get around and play in there too!!! Which makes it a little easier on JuJu. One of the nights I had the girls overnight we headed to Chuck E Cheese and thank goodness for Chris. I will have to tell you this is thing that made me fall in love with Chris....HE IS A HUGE HELP and Loves Kids ALMOST as much as I do and if anyh of you know me that is HUGE!!!! The girls really love Chris and love for him to around too!! Thank makes me happy!!!

I am a huge fan of fun shirts for each holiday so I always like to get the girls cute little shirts and for Halloween Marshall picked out the candycorn heart and Josie loves her Owl on her shirt... she goes around pointing to it and saying "Owl". It is too cute!!!

Marshall and Chuck E ....Josie would not have anything to do with him!!!

But she loves Chris and will climb on him anytime!!

This was one of the many favorites from that day... Josie always makes the cutest faces and I try to capture as many as I can!! She is too cute!!!!

Josie helping Sissy catch the bees!!!

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