Saturday, October 25, 2008

Trip to Destin

Back in September we made a trip to Destin for my best friend Erica's wedding.... she was married on our favorite beach....We have had many girl trips down there and have had so much fun!! I have not gotten all the pictures from her wedding yet so I will be making another post about that!! While we were down there my Aunt Connie and Uncle Dave were down there as well as Amanda and Seth and Raleigh!! My cousin Kristin made the trip with Chris and I too and did all the girls hair for the wedding!! One night we got on the beach before dinner and made some beach pictures... these are just a few of my favorites!! We really had a lot of fun!!

This is Raleigh and I ... she is Amanda's 3 month old!!

Amanda and I on the beach.....

One of the many of Chris and I.... we really had fun!!

This is one of my favorite...Seth did a great job!!!

Chris, Julie, Amanda and Seth....Orange and White...

A little cousin fun on the beach!!!

Amanda, Kristin, and I....

What a great time we had in Florida.. I will post soon with Erica's wedding pictures!!!
I am home this weekend getting bridal portraits made so I will update about that soon too!!

Monday, October 13, 2008

A Day on the Lake...

Back in September Chris and I actually had a weekend that we didn't have anything going on!! So we got Jon to take us out on his boat one Saturday and it was GREAT!!! A beautiful day and great company to just relax!!!
UNTIL.....We were on our way in and the boat made a loud noise and we had to stop....something about the motor and it would not start again...OOPS....we had to be towed in and Jon was such a tropper about it.... we were actually laughing and as you can see taking goofy pictures!!! We had a good time anyway and just hope that was not it for that motor!!!

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Finally some updates!!!

I have finally taken the time to update about the end of my summer and some showers that took place so be sure and look down at many new posts!!!
Many people say I need to update on my wedding plans!! We went home this past weekend and did some more of the planning and details. I am not one to deal with the details and small things so this was good to get out of the way and I know there is more of that to come!! We have picked the food and we actually met with Russ tonight about the ceremony and that seems to be coming together... so slowly but surely this is all coming together! Invitations should go out as soon as my parents return from vacation!! I totally put them in charge of that because I could not handle it!! HA!! I bought Chris's ring last night and I go this Saturday for my first fitting with my dress!! My bridal portrait is just 3 weeks from Saturday! I think I have finally found the cake I want and will meet with MommaDonna this weekend about that!! Other than that I am working a lot and attending a wedding every weekend... I have some more showers coming up so that will be fun!! I will update more on that soon!!
For now just keep Chris and I in your prayers as we continue this journey to our big day!! I can't wait!!!!

Couples Shower

The first weekend in September Dallas and Fleming(the family I work for) and Jay and Alexis hosted a couples shower for at the home of Dallas and Fleming!! It was a great shower and they went above and beyond for me and made it all about me and it was so much fun!! To have my close family and friends there with me was so fun and the night could not have been more PERFECT!!!!!

Chris and I before everyone arrived!!!

Sister in law Alexis and I

Amanda, Morgan, and Erica.... just 2 weeks before Erica got married!!

The hosts.. Jay and Alexis and Dallas and Fleming

Marshall with the happy couple.....

College friends Misty and Laura...

Seth, Jay and Lee....

Awesome night to be around the pool with friends

Two old roomies... Misty and Marci....

Marshall took a swim before she was put to bed!!

Matron of Honor, Cousin and Best Friend Amanda....

Old school friend from home Melissa Wilson

Sister Kim and her husband Zach... good friends!!!

What a fun night and great time with friends and family!!

More Florida Pictures...

While we were in Florida we went to a Safari Park and the girls had so much fun!! We got to play in the water park.....

This picture is random... but I love it... They were playing following the leader and Josie was leading and she was loving that Marshall did everything she would do... too cute...sisterly love!!
Rhino.....this is one of our favorite animals because we have a song we sing about it and Josie loves the song!!!! It's a NO NO to KISS a RHINO!! SO funny!!

These were baby goats that were having their first day out in the open ... this one loved Marshall!!
We got to feed the giraffes!! That is Marshall favorite animal at our zoo so she really enjoyed it!!

Another Beach Trip

Back in August I went back to Florida with the family I work for... the girls and I went to the beach one night and I took some pictures just playing around... we had a lot of fun! They have had these matching outfits all summer and we had not worn them much!!

This was one of my favorite of Josie... she was getting so tired!!

Marshall was so proud of her name... It was impossible to get Josie to look up at the camera but she still looked so sweet on the beach!! I love my girls and can't believe how big they are!!!