Sunday, January 3, 2010

O Christmas Tree

Chris and I decided that we were going to go out to a tree farm and cut down our own tree....well we tried but ended up just buying a tree at the farm that had already been cut down!! I didn't like the type of tree that you had to cut down and on top of that there were not any big pretty ones of those anyway!!! I had to get a picture of him with his big saw though!! We had a great time driving out there and plan to try again next year!!! Yes we almost waited to late....

All loaded up and ready to go!! This was one of my favorite trees!!!

Thanksgiving in Arkansas

This year I was in Arkansas for Thanksgiving....Chris?? he had to work!!! :( We made the decision for him to work because we were really afraid that December was going to be slow and he had a great trip to drive during Thanksgiving weekend!! It was not bad, but I think we both agree that we don't want to do that again!!

I made some leave piles for James and Wallace to run in... Wallace loved it!!!

This was scene was very common...Dad sleeping and James playing the I phone Alexis getting her exercise with Graves.....

Wallace and Graves hanging out on the floor.....

Graves having a bath in Mom's sink.....he loves his baths!!!
Trying to catch the water!!!

My beautiful niece..Abigail.. I can't believe she is 12!!!!

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Happy One Year Anniversary

November 15th...Chris and I celebrated our 1 year anniversary!!! I honestly can not believe that it has already been a year!!! I would so love to go back to that was so beautiful and so much fun....all the people that I love in one place...and most importantly I married my best friend!!! Thank for a great year Chris and I can't wait to see what the future holds for us!!!

This is our cake was still VERY good!! We did not actually get to have it on our anniversary because it was at my my mom brought it when they just so happened that we got to eat it on December 15th.....just a month late!!!
We celebrated at our favorite place....Chappy's!!! I did not get a great picture of us together!!!

The Rest of October

I am so behind on my blog that I have just had to combine the rest of October so I can get caught up quicker!!!!

I took Marshall and Josie to Harpeth Hall for the Fall Festival that they have every year....we took some of the friends too...they had a great time!!!!

Marshall loves any sweets she can get her hands on!!!

Josie the evil pig!! HA HA!!!

Erica, Kim and I try to carve pumpkins together every year!!! Our husbands come sometimes, but are usually not a lot of help...but I will give them a little credit this year because they showed more interest this year.... Hollis was able to join in this year!! Little Darby will be around next year!!!!

I did the monster(with help from Kim) Erica and Ryan did the Trick or Treat and Kim did the Mickey Mouse!! Erica and I used a stencil and Kim did hers by hand.... She is too good!!!!

I had to add this picture...on the way home Chris put the pumpkin on Marshalls carseat and I was worried it was going to fall over so he stopped and buckled it in!! This is our lil pumpkin...

Kim had a Halloween Party one afternoon with friends with little ones.... I stopped by to see is Raleigh...she was a pig just like Josie, but did not like her costume!!!

Marci's baby Teague in his halloween outfit!!! He is too cute!!!

Marshall really wanted to decorate for Halloween this year so we made some homemade ghosts and spiders!!! She really had to have this Grave!!!

This year I was home for Halloween so I was able to be at my home church's Fall Festival!!!
I love to see my friends from home little babies!! This is Amy's sweet Halle!!!

My friend Cindie from home had just had her little baby in September so I got to meet Collier for the first time... she was so tiny it was hard to see her in her poodle costume!!!!

Baby Collier woke up for a few more pictures!!!!

Halle's big brother Hayden.....this boy knows his trains!!!