Sunday, May 17, 2009

Anniversary of Engagement!!!

April 15th (Tax Day) marked one year of our engagement!!! The night we got engaged Chris and I went to eat at Chappy's On Church!! This is also where we had our first date!! We are always looking for an excuse to go eat here!! My brother and his family gave us a gift card to Chappy's for Christmas so we decided to finally go use it on this special occasion!! If any of you have not eaten here before it is REALLY good!!!

These are our 2 favorite appetizers...Fried green tomatoes and blackened shrimp....YUM YUM

And this is Chappy himself....he will always come out to see everyone!!!

Glasses you say?? Yes when I went to Arkansas for Easter I had to go to the eye doctor(yes I still go to my eye doctor at home...I have gone to him since I was 3...I can't break away!!) and I had an eye infection and he took away my contacts!!! I have not owned glasses since I was 12 so it was very hard to have to go in and pick some out!! I am glad to have them now but I had to wear them for 2 weeks straight and I about went nuts!! They will be nice at night, but I won't ever be able to use them fulltime!!!


I love this picture... if you look closely..the store Marshalls is in the background!! That is too funny!! Marshall's new favorite place to eat is Logan's Roadhouse so Chris and took her there one night and after dinner, being the monkey she is she climbed this pole.....and not until I downloaded this picture did I see that I got the Marshalls sign in the background!!!

She also loves that there is store with her name on it!!!

Easter Time

Good Friday the girls were out of school so we were about to dye eggs.....I love dying Easter Eggs and I started doing it with Marshall when she was really young....this year we did a Easter Gingerbread house....I know that is unusual, but I had one leftover from Christmas and I was tired of storing it so I brought it out and let the girls decorate it!! It turned out really cute!!

Josie making her pink egg......she was loving all the colors!!

Cute sisters...

Marshall with her Egg tray!!

Josie and her egg tray!!

After we dyed the eggs we went over to Phillips Toy Mart to see the bunnies they have every year!!

But I think they enjoyed the trains even more!!!

Then for Easter we were off to Arkansas to my parents!!! We were all able to be there for most of the weekend... Jay and his family left Saturday night to be with Alexis family... I did not take any pictures until Sunday....

This picture was a joke... Jon and started being a little silly thinking back to all the pictures we have in front of these flowers over the years.... I will have to see if I can pull some of those up for a future post... Jon thinks we should get them all together and put them in one album for my mom!! It would be pretty funny!!!

Sounds Game...

I had the girls a few nights overnight back in April so Chris and I took the girls to opening night at the Sounds game!! They had so much fun!! We got there a little early and they were able to play on the big slide and Marshall did the Trampoline Jump...she loves it!!!

They handed out some of these little character from Monsters and Aliens....Marshall loved hers!!!

This picture was priceless to me...Josie wanted no help on this hot dog and she ate the whole thing..well minus the bread!!!

Josie's new smile....CHEESE......she is too funny! Me and my girls!! I have so much fun with them whatever we do!! Josie has not stopped talking about I am sure we will go back one night soon!!

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Taking a Hike at Radnor Lake

Jay, Chris and I took the kids walking at Radnor Lake ...the kids love it...Chris I really enjoy it too!! Jay and Alexis house is right beside it now so Jay takes the kids a lot with their bikes!! We need to do a lot more of this!!!

P.S. I have many other new posts.... I have been playing catch up on my day off!! ENJOY!!!

Trip to Mississippi

At the end of March, Chris and I enjoyed a long weekend at his parents house in MS...His brother Todd turned 30 and they had a little party for him that weekend!! Charlene did a great job decorating and I think everyone had a great time!! I didn't get a lot of pictures and didn't get one of the birthday boy, but here are a few of the night!!!

Pops and Cooper
Chris and his nephews...Conner and Cooper!!!

I have a new Cousin!!!

WELCOME COOPER TATUM !!! My cousin Kristin had her second little boy on March 19th!! He was so tiny and so cute!!! Sam is the proud BIG Brother!!! CONGRATS Kristin!!!

Our New Shades

Girls in Green

On St. Patty's Day we met Kim and Hollis and Casey and Hudson at the park.. it was a beautiful day!!!!
Josie taking over Hollis' Car

Abigail's Peter Pan Play

Back in March( I feel like a lot happened in March!!) Abigails school did the Peter Pan play and they really did a great job!! Abigail was a pirate and did a great job!!

Abigail and her proud Aunt!!