Monday, December 8, 2008

Pumpkin Carving and Halloween

Erica and I carved pumpkins together this year... it has been a tradition to do it will a group of our friends, but for some reason we all couldn't get it together this year!! I am going to make sure next year we get back into our annual event!! Erica cooked chili and we ate and then the boys watched TV while Erica and I carved our little pumpkins!! Aren't they just the best!!! We had to do it without you this year Kim!! Maybe next year we can get back to it!!!!

Chris bringing our pumpkin home... SCARY!!!!

Josie was a Snow Fairy or Marshall would say a snowflake....she was too cute.. it all started because Marshall wanted to be an Astronaut and we thought Josie could be a start...well Marshall changed her mind to a snow princess and I joked and said well Josie could be a snowflake.....well it stuck and it was too cute!!!! And then Marshall said that her dad could be a snowman and Dallas said she would be a snow bunny....I had no idea that Fleming would get into it as much as he did.....Halloween afternoon he knocked on the door and surprised us all with this costume!!! It was the best!!! Marshall loved it and Josie was ok until he put the head on... she wouldn't have anything to do with him!!!

So here is the SNOW family!!

Josie and her famous look!!!!

Abigail was Hannah Montana...she was great!!! Chris making this picture goofy!!!
Wallace was a banana but was not happy about it until after we went trick or treating and then I bribed him to put it back on for a cute picture!! This lasted five minutes!!!! He was cute little banana though!!!!!

For the past several years I have gone with Jay and Lex and kids trick or treating at their friends...Amy and Scott Westerman...My friend Mary Kate goes too because that is her sisters.....we are just great Aunts!!! This is Mary Kate and Abigail...I thin MK had borrowed her nieces pirate hat.....too cute!!!

James was superman and this is the only pic I got of him!!!

The Hannah Montana wig got passed around at the end of the night.......I am pretty sure I won't be going blonde anytime soon!!!

Chris just looks plain SCARY!!!

Wallace would be a cute little girl!!!!

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The Hardin Family said...

Oh come on,Julie! I remember a time long ago in Royal Arms when I made you a blonde or was it red? It was not good! ha!