Sunday, September 13, 2009

Camp Grann and JuJu...Arkansas Style!!!

Warning....A LOT OF PICTURES!!!! I couldn't decide on them so I just put up a lot!! Mom and I would try to get the kids out in the morning and get back for lunch and let Josie and Wallace nap before WOW!! Their favorite thing was the playground and water park at Craighead Forrest!! They loved the bunk beds!! And just playing outside!!!

WOW...WONDERS OF THE WORD...VBS Southwest Style!!!

The kids all had a GREAT time at WOW!!! It was a lot of fun to all be at my parents house together!! Mom and I entertained during the day(another post coming on that!) and the kids really got along great and were really good for us!!

Baby Graves was at the house for a couple of days..maybe he will get to enjoy a little of WOW next year!!!
George of the Jungle is a big part of WOW...the kids love him!!!

This was Marshall and James class...they had really good teachers!! (I actually use to babysit one of the teachers!!!)

Playing on the stage one night!! Park of being the last ones to leave pays off!! HA!!!

James was a great helper...he loved to carry Josie to the car!!

Most nights we would come home for some homemade Popsicles!!!

Marshall got to carry the sign and be the leader!!!

Mom helped in Wallace's class and he did really good this year!!

Josie's class went to the Drama in wagons!!!
Dad always gets involved somehow in the skits!!!

Josie sitting with her class and of course BUNNY is sitting with her!!!

Don't they look like little teenagers!!! James looks so happy!!!

One night in the Drama... they did a really great job this year!!! This year was MOSES!!!

I let Josie come sit with my class one night!! I helped in the 3 year old class!!!

Singing in the Auditorium

Some of the skit one night!!! The kids really love this every night!!!

Picture with Sampson!!!
The whole crew the last night...except Abigail..she got sick the last two nights so we missed her!!!

Bunking in AR

So after going to Wallace Party in Rector we headed to my parents to set up for the week!! My parents got bunkbeds for the kids and Marshall and Josie were so excited about them!! (Josie was not able to sleep in them, but she enjoyed playing in them!!)

The next morning getting ready for church!! Marshall loved this angel that my mom had sitting out!!!

They love to put on their pretty dresses!!!