Wednesday, May 21, 2008


Yeah!!! Chris moved to Nashville last Thursday and is all settled in to an apartment in Brentwood!! I am so glad to finally have him here in the same city!! He may be a Tennessean now but I will have to work on the Tennessee Fan!! He is a true Mississippi State fan so I am sure that won't happen!! But a girl has to try....RIGHT?????
No new wedding plans.....I guess my focus has been on getting Chris up here... I need to get back to some planning... hopefully my parents are working hard on that!! HA!HA!

Sunday, May 11, 2008


Mom and I last fall...
Mom and Wallace...
Fun times at the River with family!!

This blog is in honor of my mom....These pictures show what a beautiful woman she is and the smiles and the love you can see she has for her family...she is a great wife, mom and grandmother(Gran)!! Thank you mom for always being there for me and for putting up with me!! HA!! I love you more than you know!!!
***Wedding update...I also need to thank my mom for my wedding dress! Yes...I found a dress Saturday and I love it!! Alexis, Abigail, Mom and I went shopping at The White Room and after a few hours of trying on several dresses I found the one I love!! Thank you mom and dad!! That is one other big thing I can take off the list!!!

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Fun Times with Friends...

Jon, Chris and I... Jon is always so good to his little sister!
Erica and I got engaged within about a month of each other...we are both very excited about getting to plan all this fun stuff is fun to have a best friend going through the same thing as you ...this summer and fall is going to fun!!
My Fiance...
Thank goodness for girlfriends... I love you guys! Erica..not sure why she is making that face!
Becca and I ... isn't she beautiful!! long time childhood friend that has been with me from when we were high school graduation and then on to college in Nashville and now she has left me for Texas!! HA!! I love you girl!
No new wedding plans yet...I need to get on that!! My wonderful parents are working hard at home to get a photographer and a few other things set. My mom and I may be going to look at wedding dresses this weekend.. so wish me LUCK!!! HA!

Saturday, May 3, 2008

Back a few months..

Just to go back a few months ...I thought I would share some of the pictures of Delray Beach... Back in February when I was in Florida for 3 weeks Chris was in Orlando for work one of the weekends and he got to drive down for the day...We took Marshall and Josie to the Palm Beach Zoo and had so much fun!! It was a nice day and the girls were so good....The girls love Chris and he is so good with them!! So enjoy the pictures.... Marshall is such a model at times!!

We have set a date......

Most people have heard but I thought I would go ahead and update it on here.. we have set the wedding date for NOVEMBER 15th 2008!! The wedding will be in Jonesboro at Southwest Church of Christ where I grew up!! I have always wanted to get married there and I have always said that the church needed to update before I would...haha... well it is updated and looks great!!! We are excited and will try to keep all updates on here as they happen.....LET THE PLANNING BEGIN!!!

A few more pics that I just thought I would share because I know that is what people like the best....