Tuesday, March 9, 2010

More Sledding Videos

Sorry for all the videos... but I couldn't decide!!!

Chris sledding...Marshall was going to race him but got stuck!!

Abigail, Wallace, Marshall and James sledding together

Marshall and I sledding together....

And one of my favorites...James, Wallace, and Abigail jumping on!!!

Sledding Videos

Josie sledding at the Park

Jay and James sledding down the BIG HILL at Radnor Lake

MArshall coming down at the park!!!

Sunday, March 7, 2010

The Last Snow... I think

I can't even remember when this was, but I think it was Presidents Day.... It snowed enough to make us want to get out in it and go sledding!! Marshall had been out of town during the BIG snow we had gotten in January and had not been sledding this year!! So I took the girls to Ace Hardware and we bought 3 sleds and headed to the park!!! Chris joined us for a little bit and I even got him to go down once or twice!! (Video coming in a different blog!!)

Blurry but I thought it was cute!!!

Snow angel at the park!!!
Josie did sled a lot, but then got cold and ended up in the car....Chris went to join her after a while and when I went to check on them....he was reading her a book... TOO CUTE!!!
Then we went on to play with my niece and nephews at their house and then I promised to take everyone sledding again!!! So Abigail, James, Wallace, Marshall, and I went back to the park... Josie stayed back with baby Graves and Alexis!! The snow was not as deep because so many had been sledding but it still worked and they LOVED it!!!

This is James and Marshall going down the hill.....

Abigail at the bottom!!!

Abigail, Wallace, Marshall , and James...what a crew!!!

Wallace Ford
Ju Ju and Marshall

Abigail and Marshall coming down together

Brothers and Sister crashing down together!! They were CRAZY!!!


Baby Graves is my youngest nephew and he is just the sweetest thing!!! Here are a few pictures from one night when I was visiting....and a video too!!!

Happy Valentines Day and Happy Birthday Jon

These are the beautiful Flowers my husband got for me on Valentines day!! He knows what I like!!!!
Valentines Day was kinda crazy... Chris had to work...so Alexis and I cooked for the family and for Jon's birthday!! Yes Jon is a Valentine baby!!
James and Jon...always making funny faces!!!

We always get him a Baskin Robbins cake.... YUM YUM!!

He had a lot of help blowing out the candles....

I did not get any other pictures that night!!! But we had great time... it being a Sunday night my parents were not able to be there, they were missed!!!

Friday, March 5, 2010


Lots of pictures...could not decide!! So yes my little Josie is 3!! I really can't believe it!! I mean I know her and Marshall are 3 years apart and Marshall is almost 6, BUT Josie can't be 3!!! She is so fun and has the funniest personality and makes us all laugh all day!!! The things she says are just hilarious!!! I will have to work on a blog for just that one day!!! She gets excited about everything and REALLY makes me see things through a childs eyes and makes it so fun for me!! I know I don't have kids of my own yet, but I can remember talking to their mom before Josie was born and we both would say, "how are we going to love this one as much as we love Marshall??" WOW it is just amazing what God can put in your life and show you how you can love so many!! Josie is such a joy in my life and I can't imagine my life without her!! Happy Birthday to my Josie Bear!! I love you so much!!
Princess Party of BUST!!!

She was so PROUD and love her party!!!

Her friend party was full of crafts just perfect for a princess!!!

This is Andrew...a little boy that I keep one day a week!! He loves Josie!!
Sweetest little boy...look at those eyes!!!




Marshall girl!!!

Opening DORA Bowling!!!

She had a great Birthday with friends after school and friends and family that night!!!

A Day Out with Marshall

Marshall was out of school one day when Josie actually still had school....this never happens!!! It was great to have a day with Marshall....since she has started REAL school I don't get this anymore!! I took her to PUMP IT UP and we both had a lot of fun!! It was my workout for the day!!

Where's Chris? Can you find him??

The girl love to go to my house!! What is odd to me about this picture???? Well Josie ALWAYS crawls up and snuggles with Chris and hangs out with him... but Marshall is a different story... I had gone upstairs to pack a bag and when I came back this is how I found them!! TOO FUNNY!!!