Tuesday, December 9, 2008

I have been TAGGED!!!

I was tagged by Casey to go into my 4th folder and get the 4th picture and explain it...
Well here it is ..WOW.... I am not exactly sure when this was but this is when Chris was still living in Mississippi and had to drive the bus up to get worked on and the girls and I met him in the parking lot of Publix in Brentwood to see him... this is the first time he had met the kids and Marshall loved the bus and Josie was all smiles!!! Now that I think about this it had to of been in December or January!!!
I now TAG Misty H., Charlene, Stacy, and Eric and Rebecca!!

I promise I am working on the wedding pictures.. I don't have a lot that weren't taken by my photographer so I am working on that!!! I am pretty much caught up now and will get to the BIG DAY!!!

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