Thursday, August 21, 2008

Touring Nashville like I never have before.......

August 26th, 1997 I moved to Nashville, TN, for college at David Lipscomb University....August 9, 2008 I toured Nashville like I never have before... Yes I have been downtown Nashville thousands of times and even walked around some down here but this time I did much, much more....Chris and I took Marshall and Josie downtown the weekend his brothers family was here... his family had gone to the Country Music Hall of Fame and we went walking.. the girls had a great time..Chris paid for us to go on a carriage ride and Marshall loved it... Josie was fine until right at the end and she wanted to get down and she couldn't....we almost lost her "lovey" and I was ready to get off in the end!! The guy that lead us asked us where we were from and we said about 2 miles up that way and he laughed and said he did have some locals at times!! Pretty funny...Chris was laughing at me for taking some of these pictures, but all of the sudden I just thought why not take the full tourist job and get some cool pictures... we had lunch downtown and even got some ice cream at a local place down there...We really had a great time!!!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

OFF TO THE RACES.................

Todd and Conner having fun.... I sent the camera with Chris and got ZERO pics of himself there... guys don't know how to get someone to take a pic for them... Oh well maybe next time!!!

This is Conner enjoying the races...isn't he cute!!

A few weekends ago Chris's brother Todd and his wife Charlene came to town and brought their oldest.....3 year old Conner....We had a great time.. I actually had the girls that weekend so we all were able to stay together at Marshall and Josie house that weekend....we all really had a great time....Saturday night Chris, Todd, and Conner went to the truck races and loved it!! This was Conner's first race and he was a trooper!! Loved every minute of it!! Charlene and the girls and I went shopping and hung out and had a great time as well!! I was glad to spend time with everyone!! Friday night we went to the Aquarium Restuarant at Opry Mills ....I will have to get those pics from Charlene!!

Monday, August 18, 2008

Chuck E Cheese...and Bounce U

No we did not do these both in one day!! These last few weeks of summer are totally Camp JuJu so we are doing different activities every day and they are having so much fun!! We don't start school until after Labor Day and all the other camps we have done are over.... I love not having to be somewhere at a certain time!! Isn't that what summer is all about?? But I know that we all will be ready for a routine in a few weeks!!!
I went home this past weekend and had my first shower at my home church so pictures of that soon!!

Josie is just starting to like Bounce U and I have to help a lot so it is a workout for me too!! But I love it!!!

Friday, August 8, 2008

Erica and Ryan's Couple's Shower....or Raleigh?

So Chris and I traveled to Hohenwald for Erica and Ryan's shower at my Aunt and Uncles house....I only got a few pictures and they all seem to be of baby Raleigh!!! I had not seen her in a while so I was quick to get her and get a picture with her and I then I didn't think of the camera again!! Sorry Erica.. I really wish I had a picture of us together!!! Maybe at the next shower!!!

Wait i did get one of the beautiful table my Aunt Connie decorated!! It was a great shower and everyone had a great time!!
Also that weekend I was able to go try on my dress that came in a month ago!! I still LOVE IT!!! And it fit great!! I can't wait to get some pictures in it!!

Tuesday, August 5, 2008


Abigail turned 11 on August 1st....I can not believe it!! She was born the same month I moved to Nashville for she really dates me! HA!! I took her to get a pedicure on her birthday and we had a lot of fun!!

After the pedicure we went and met her family and Chris for dinner at her choice....Logans..she loves their rolls and loves the food.....we had a great time... they tried to get her to stand up on a chair , but she wouldn't have anything to do with it!! But as you can see James didn't have a problem with it!! Wallace is always so sweet and James is always willing to give you a funny face!!!


Little Cabin in the Woods....

The last weekend in July we spent time at my Aunt Connie and Uncle Dave's Cabin with my family and we had a great time.. we did it last year is on the Buffalo River and is so much fun...just to relax and live without cell phones and computers!! These are just a few of the good pictures I took over the is fun to see the kids having fun and being all together is always great!

Dad always does a devo on the porch on Sunday morning and it is nice to see the kids get into is James leading singing(just kidding, but I am not sure what he is doing HA)

My cousin Mattie was able to come spend the night with Abigail...they are about 2 years apart and have a great time together!!

This is Chris and I Relaxing on the river...this was my favorite part of the weekend....and then there is James entertaining us all!

If James was not entertaining then Jon would jump in...far left is him dancing to Hannah Montana with the girls...too funny! And him swinging the nephews!!

Wallace would always fall asleep in the swing on the porch in the afternoon....too cute! James officially loves Chris more than me!!

Did I mention how cute Wallace is?? He loved playing down by the river.... and then tubing was also a favorite... Jon and James were having a lot of fun!!!
Wedding plans are coming along pretty good....We are about to have our first shower and get some engagement pictures made....more to come on all that!!!