Saturday, December 20, 2008

Bridesmaid Luncheon

On November 14th these wonderful ladies hosted my bridesmaid luncheon and everything was wonderful!! Lois's house was beautiful and the food and everything was great!!!
Amy made my cake and I could not have asked for a better one!! It was so cute and so good!!! She made the top strawberry because she knows that is my favorite!! Thank you Amy!!!

Amanda is my cousin, best friend, and sister I never had and I was very honored to have her as my Matron of Honor

Cindie and Amy have been life long friends of mine and we are always able to just pick up where we left matter how long we go without seeing each other or even talking!!! I love you girls.. thank you for being apart of my BIG DAY!!!

Mrs. Marilyn(mother-in-law) and Alexis my sister-in-law!! I can't thank Mrs. Marilyn enough for welcoming me into her family!!
Alexis is another sister I never had and am so glad that she married my brother!!!

My mom and Charlene(married to Chris's brother)...My mom has done so much for me through this special time and I can't thank her enough.....even though her retirement might be a little delayed!!

My Aunt Connie.....she is my TN mother!! She has always made me feel like her other daughter and she is who I look up to in so many ways... she keeps our family together and I can't thank her enough for that!!!

Morgan and Mrs. Donna..they are very special people in my life.. .I started sitting for Morgan when she was 5 months old..She is 18 now and a beautiful young lady!!!

Amanda, Abigail, and Kristin...Kristin is another cousin and always keeps me laughing... she is my twin...people think we look a lot alike!!
Abigail is my niece and I will have to tell you she is the little sister I never got to fight with!! Just ask my mom....we are close and I love to spend some special time with her!!!

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

I have been TAGGED!!!

I was tagged by Casey to go into my 4th folder and get the 4th picture and explain it...
Well here it is ..WOW.... I am not exactly sure when this was but this is when Chris was still living in Mississippi and had to drive the bus up to get worked on and the girls and I met him in the parking lot of Publix in Brentwood to see him... this is the first time he had met the kids and Marshall loved the bus and Josie was all smiles!!! Now that I think about this it had to of been in December or January!!!
I now TAG Misty H., Charlene, Stacy, and Eric and Rebecca!!

I promise I am working on the wedding pictures.. I don't have a lot that weren't taken by my photographer so I am working on that!!! I am pretty much caught up now and will get to the BIG DAY!!!

Monday, December 8, 2008

Santa Claus is coming to November??

Again the weekend before my wedding the girls and I went to Cool Springs Mall to see Santa arrive for the first time this year!!! Grandmomma and Grandaddy met us out there too!!! I dressed the girls in their Christmas dresses and they were too cute!! They had songs with the kids before Santa and the Rockettes came!!!

This is Marshall dancing and Josie with Grandmomma!!!

Radio City Rockettes!!!!

My cousin Kristin brought Sam up to see Santa too....she got in line fast so we didn't have to wait long at all!!!

Sam and the girls after seeing Santa....

Marshall and her new hat!!

I didn't know how Josie would do with Santa but she loved him and walked right up and gave him a hug and sat in his lap!!!! She was great!!!

And of course over for some fun rides!!!!


The weekend before my wedding I had the girls for the weekend so Friday night we took the girls to a play, Tinkerbell at Overbrook School....Caroline Sheridan...was Tinkerbell. Caroline is 11 years old now, but was only 5 months old when I started keeping her my freshman year!! I know I have talked about her on here before.... she did a great job and it was great to get to see everyone again!!!

Josie getting ready to go see Tinkerbell!!!
Marshall was very excited about going too!!!

Caroline on stage....she looked so pretty and was a great Tinkerbell!!!

I was so glad to get this picture....Marshall loved seeing Tinkerbell upclose!!!
I just can't believe how fast they all grow!! I remember when Caroline was this little!!!!

Pumpkin Carving and Halloween

Erica and I carved pumpkins together this year... it has been a tradition to do it will a group of our friends, but for some reason we all couldn't get it together this year!! I am going to make sure next year we get back into our annual event!! Erica cooked chili and we ate and then the boys watched TV while Erica and I carved our little pumpkins!! Aren't they just the best!!! We had to do it without you this year Kim!! Maybe next year we can get back to it!!!!

Chris bringing our pumpkin home... SCARY!!!!

Josie was a Snow Fairy or Marshall would say a snowflake....she was too cute.. it all started because Marshall wanted to be an Astronaut and we thought Josie could be a start...well Marshall changed her mind to a snow princess and I joked and said well Josie could be a snowflake.....well it stuck and it was too cute!!!! And then Marshall said that her dad could be a snowman and Dallas said she would be a snow bunny....I had no idea that Fleming would get into it as much as he did.....Halloween afternoon he knocked on the door and surprised us all with this costume!!! It was the best!!! Marshall loved it and Josie was ok until he put the head on... she wouldn't have anything to do with him!!!

So here is the SNOW family!!

Josie and her famous look!!!!

Abigail was Hannah Montana...she was great!!! Chris making this picture goofy!!!
Wallace was a banana but was not happy about it until after we went trick or treating and then I bribed him to put it back on for a cute picture!! This lasted five minutes!!!! He was cute little banana though!!!!!

For the past several years I have gone with Jay and Lex and kids trick or treating at their friends...Amy and Scott Westerman...My friend Mary Kate goes too because that is her sisters.....we are just great Aunts!!! This is Mary Kate and Abigail...I thin MK had borrowed her nieces pirate hat.....too cute!!!

James was superman and this is the only pic I got of him!!!

The Hannah Montana wig got passed around at the end of the night.......I am pretty sure I won't be going blonde anytime soon!!!

Chris just looks plain SCARY!!!

Wallace would be a cute little girl!!!!


After going to the UT/MS State game...Chris and I went to Gatlinburg the next day to just hang out and enjoy some more time together away from it all!! We had a great time!! I didn't take a lot of pictures, but we did drive up into the mountains a little more and got out and took a few!! Chris is the type of person that can just drive to drive and I get a little bored!!! It was very pretty and don't get me wrong I loved the time together, but I am just not a car person!!

Well we had played somce video games down on the strip and I won some play dough.....Well when Julie gets bored she plays with whatever she can!!
And that is how we got this picture... Chris didn't even notice until I had it all up!! It was too funny!! And then he couldn't believe that I was taking a picture of it!! Maybe this is what I will have to keep in the car on our many trips!! There is no telling what I could come up with!!!

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Tennessee vs. MS State.......Will we survive???

After having the girls overnight a few nights, Chris and I took off to Knoxville for a much needed time away from wedding planning!!! For those that don't know ... Chris is a MS State fan and of course I am a huge TN what better than to get it all in together this Fall???? Lets just say it may be good that they don't play again for several years!! HA!! This is the car before the game.. .the deal was we fly both there and then fly the winner home. That didn't happen because we then went to Gatlinburg the next morning and just decided not to push it!!! I know Eric I should have flown my flag home!! I can remember going with Eric and his family to the AR/TN game and going into what at least 6 or 7 overtimes and finally TN pulling it out and I got to fly my flag home that day!!!! I decided to be nice this weekend and enjoy our time together away from the stress of wedding planning!!!

But a few pictures to show how much fun it was to be in Neyland Stadium again!! What better than the BIG T with the team running in!!! GO VOLS!!!!!

Chris and I during the game......

My friend Kaki lives in Knoxville now and we were lucky enough to run into her before the game and hang out a little and also another one of my friends Katy and her husband were in from Jonesboro.... we were able to go down after the first quarter and sit with them!!! I thought this might help because Katy is also a MS State fan!!


One of our favorite places....CHUCK E CHEESE!!!!

If you ask Marshall any day what she wants to do I can promise you Chuck E Cheese is at the top of that list....Josie is getting to where she can get around and play in there too!!! Which makes it a little easier on JuJu. One of the nights I had the girls overnight we headed to Chuck E Cheese and thank goodness for Chris. I will have to tell you this is thing that made me fall in love with Chris....HE IS A HUGE HELP and Loves Kids ALMOST as much as I do and if anyh of you know me that is HUGE!!!! The girls really love Chris and love for him to around too!! Thank makes me happy!!!

I am a huge fan of fun shirts for each holiday so I always like to get the girls cute little shirts and for Halloween Marshall picked out the candycorn heart and Josie loves her Owl on her shirt... she goes around pointing to it and saying "Owl". It is too cute!!!

Marshall and Chuck E ....Josie would not have anything to do with him!!!

But she loves Chris and will climb on him anytime!!

This was one of the many favorites from that day... Josie always makes the cutest faces and I try to capture as many as I can!! She is too cute!!!!

Josie helping Sissy catch the bees!!!