Monday, March 23, 2009

The life of WHO???

So I have realized that this blog has been a little more the life of Julie and not the life of Julie and Chris!! Honestly I just don't have any new pictures of Chris and I and I always look and see what pictures I have taken and NONE of Chris and I!!

Chris has been working part time for Anchor Trailways driving, while looking for a job!! The last few weeks they have kept him really busy and we feel very blessed for this!! Since he has been driving a lot that means that he is gone some nights or in late. I will have to say a night or two I can take but when he is gone much more than that I get a little lonely!! Although my job keeps me pretty busy too and it is about to pick up even more this spring and summer!!

Chris and I went walking at Radnor last night and it was so fun! We both really enjoyed being outside and around water...even if we couldn't get it!! HA!! He had never been out there and he loved it!! I think I might can get him to walk with me if I take him there!! We saw at least 25 deer!! I was so mad because I didn't take a camera, but I pulled out this picture from when we were in East TN last Fall.....I really need to start taking more pictures!!!

Friday, March 13, 2009

Walking in someone elses BOOTS!!!

Josie loves to dress up and she loves shoes and boots!! She found my nieces muddy rainboots in their garage!!! She is such a cheeser too!!! I just has to share these pictures!!! Again she is wearing a ponytail holder of Marshalls on one pigtail...if she finds it we have to wear it!!!

The New House is a HIT!!! At least the Driveway is!!

After the Park we headed back to James and Wallace's new house to play outside as well.....this is what they do when we play outside!! Jay and Alexis moved is this new house back in January and the kids really enjoy it!! They love to ride whatever they can down the driveway!! Josie was not sure about it at first but then she joined right in! I didn't get any pictures just videos so I had to share all 4!!! Enjoy the ride!!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Fun at the Park

Back in February I had the girls and went to pick my nephews too!! We headed to the park .. it was warmer but the wind was still a little cool, but the kids had a great time!!! They all have so much fun together! I was so glad I had my camera that day because I was able to get some GREAT pictures!! James use to say he and Marshall were cousins!! It is so cute to watch them play together...they are the closest they have right now!!

Josie has a hair thing on one pig tail that she matches Marshalls gymnastics leotard
she is obsessed with it!!!
Wallace making his silly face!!

Marshall posing....such a girl!!

The wind got James... he does like to pose for pictures....such a boy thing!!

They are so funny together!!!

I tried to get a pic with the little ones.....
Trying to get a picture of all four is really hard... I thought this tunnel would help a little!!!

This is the best I could get and I thought it was pretty good!!!

Abigail the Basketball Star

Abigail played basketball again this year and she loved it!! She was so fun to watch and really got better and better as the year went on!! I am so proud of you Abigail!! I can't wait to watch you more next year!! (She is #5 in the blue!!)

Sunday, March 8, 2009


This Josie on her Birthday....She had enough of a fever that she could not go to school today, which meant I got to spend the day with her!! February 9th, little Josie turned 2!! I seriously can not believe that it has been that long since we brought this little baby home from the hospital!! I can remember it so well!!! She was so tiny and such a good baby!! Dallas and I took her by her school to let her share snack on her birthday and those pictures were on Dallas' camera!!
Josie and I went to Kroger and I let her ride this as long as she wanted!!

Blogger has this all out of order but I will just go with it!! After nap that after noon we met Dallas and Marshall at the park....does this child look sick?? She did miss the rest of the week of school because of some fever, but it was so nice we had to get this BIRTHDAY GIRL out of the HOUSE!!!!

Isn't she SWEET????

BIG Sister Marshall is a MONKEY!!! She loves to climb and a lot of times gets others in trouble because she goes way to far and they try to follow her!! She loves it!! I actually found her telling some friends that "they couldn't do what she could do," She said because she "is part monkey!! I started laughing so hard!! I later told her that the next time we go to the Zoo I was going to drop her off with the monkeys!! The things this girl says sometimes makes me laugh out loud!! She told one day that she was sorta a boy because she likes dinosaurs!!! I told her that she was just a girl that liked dinosaurs!!

Marshall gets out at noon on Mondays so we picked her up and met Chris at Blue Coast Burrito for a birthday lunch!! I didn't get any pictures, just videos!! Josie loves to dress up and a lot of times this is how you find us out and about!! What a cute princess on her BIRTHDAY!!!!

Happy Birthday Josie!! I love you and look forward to many more memories!!

We HEART Gymnastics

And when I say LOVES gymnastics..........I do mean LOVES IT!! She wakes up talking about it and goes to bed asking about it!! She calls it CLASS!!! And we have made the mistake of taking her to school and saying she is going to class and she got really upset when we got to school and it was not gymnastics!!! So now we call that school!! HA!!

Josie and I started this My Gym class last fall and she is now moved up in the bigger class!! Since Marshall wanted to join in the gymnastics fun Josie gets to go twice a week!! We put Marshall in a class in the afternoon at Let It Shine and Josie does a Mommy and Me class with me at the same time!! (Nanny and Me)

But these are all at her My Gym class!!! She is so good and really listens to all the directions!!!!

Monkey's Treehouse is one of our FAVORITE PLACES!!!

We were regulars at Monkey's Treehouse right before Christmas...I mean the girl knew me when I walked in and if I came with extra kids I really confused her!! Well she then told me since she knew I was one to come in the afternoon that after Christmas they were going to start closing at 3:oo...BOY were we sad to hear this...I told her we wouldn't be able to come anymore....the girls were sad!! (with the girls not getting out until 2 it was pointless to drive out there for that amount of time!!) I talked to some others and they were disappointed as well!!
For some reason the second week of January I called them to ask them what time they were closing she told me 5:00!! YEAH....she said they changed their mind and thought it would be better to stay open later!! ( I knew it was a bad idea in the middle of winter!! hehe) So we have again been regulars and the kids love it!! I hate to say it though with the weather nice, we will have to save it for rainey days!! BECAUSE the PARKS and ZOO will be out knew home for the spring!!!

For those that don't live around here or have never been I took a few pics, but I mainly got the big parts!! There is much fun in there!!!

This use to be a big sandbox but they changed it to blue rubber pieces!!!

Marshall in half of her clothes and half their dress up!!

Josie is VERY much into dressing up and she just layers them on!!

Josie is into hats now!!!

And this is what I get when I ask for CHEESE!!!!
She is our mess!!! LOVE IT!!!!