Monday, December 8, 2008


After going to the UT/MS State game...Chris and I went to Gatlinburg the next day to just hang out and enjoy some more time together away from it all!! We had a great time!! I didn't take a lot of pictures, but we did drive up into the mountains a little more and got out and took a few!! Chris is the type of person that can just drive to drive and I get a little bored!!! It was very pretty and don't get me wrong I loved the time together, but I am just not a car person!!

Well we had played somce video games down on the strip and I won some play dough.....Well when Julie gets bored she plays with whatever she can!!
And that is how we got this picture... Chris didn't even notice until I had it all up!! It was too funny!! And then he couldn't believe that I was taking a picture of it!! Maybe this is what I will have to keep in the car on our many trips!! There is no telling what I could come up with!!!

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