Saturday, February 28, 2009

Frozen Pipes..Anyone??

Yes back in January when it was below freezing for a long time.. we had a pipe burst in our half bath downstairs!!! Luckily Chris and I were both home and I actually had 4 kids at my house!!! Thank goodness for my AWESOME insurance agent Eric Johns!!!(and best friend) He had someone at my house to dry it out in just a few hours!!! My kitchen got moved into the living room and my floors got removed because it totally runied the hardwood floors!!!

So with my house turned upside down I didn't cook for a while and I get to redo the bathroom and I get new hardwoods!! New pictures of all that to come!!!!

Happy New Year......2009!!! Merry Christmas Too!!

For the last several years we have had Christmas with my dads side of the family on New Years Day!! So on New Years Eve we have celebrated at my Aunt Connie and Uncle Daves house... my parents come in and usually Jay, Alexis, and the kids... and whoever else wants to join!! We always have a lot of fun with everyone!!! Thank you Aunt Connie and Uncle Dave for always hosting our family in your home!!!

Mom and Jay celebrating the New Year!!!

I bought Abigail and I these fun headbands!!! Chris and I on our first New Year as a married couple!!!

The kids always have a lof of fun with the horns!!
We make sure they don't get the horns until right before time!!!!

Mom and day with their hats....
We save all the hats and horns from year to year!!!
Little Wallace....he usually doesn't like it loud, but he loved it!!!

Baby Raleigh and Blair Frances....Blair loves Raleigh and love to help Amanda out!!

Raleigh sitting up so big!!!
We buy all the kids 12 and under presents and they get to open all them
and Raleigh enjoyed opening with her daddy!!

And after the kids get done opening the adults play Dirty Christmas...
I brought these funny Santa pants and Nick got them!!

Mattie, Abigail and Lilly always spend the night with Aunt Connie that night!!
They love playing with each other and don't get to see each other a lot!!!

Friday, February 27, 2009

29 FOREVER!!!!!

Speaking of celebrating my Birthday in AR... I turned 29 again on December 28th!! My family was loving it since I was the last one to reach the 30's!!

Christmas in Arkansas

Again I didn't take enough pictures, but I am getting better!!! Saturday morning the 27th we had Christmas at my parents... I am a little spoiled because I HAVE to have Christmas in the morning!!!! My family has tried to change it some and do it at night or something, but they have learned that I throw a fit if they change it!!! My reasoning is that my whole life I have NEVER had Christmas on the 25th and I am use to that.. it would be odd to have it then now! BUT I think that Santa comes at night and you get up the next morning and open presents and that is how it should be!!! So if it is the 22nd, 19th, 27th or whenever it just needs to be in the morning!!! Hey what can I say I AM the BABY GIRL!!! HA HA HA!!!!

Chris and I our Christmas morning!!

My parents got the kids every kind of ball you can think of!! After James told us that Jay ran over his soccer ball and others had been lost!! They were all very happy!!

Wallace loves men... you will find him with one of them at all times!! He is always smiling!!!

We had a great time in AR!! We celebrated Alexis birthday on the 27th and mine on the 28th!! We have so much to celebrate around Christmas!!!

Christmas in Mississippi

We had a great Christmas in Mississippi, it was just too short!! We drove in on Christmas Eve late because the weather was so BAD!!! I slept some of the way and missed some of it, but it rained the hardest I have seen in a long time!! I don't know how Chris did it!! But I am very thankful it was him and not me!! We were there all day Christmas and spent the night but got up early on the 26th to head to my parents for the weekend!! We didn't go to my parents for Thanksgiving so we were trying to there to be with everyone!!!
I didn't get as many pictures as I thought I did!!!

This is Conner and Cooper...Chris's brothers little boys!! They are so cute..Cooper the younger one is always smiling and Conner keeps us laughing and busy!!!

Conner opening the "Cars" laptop we gave him...he loved it!!

I can't believe I actually have a picture of Chris and I.....I think he must have taken this!!

Cooper in his new ride!!!!

Christmas night we went to Chris' cousins house to be with his dads whole side of the family!! They grilled out steaks and we played Dirty Christmas!!! It was so much fun!!! Thank you Melissa for hosting everyone!! That is Conner and Melissa's youngest daughter singing for us!! They were the entertainment for the night!! And then Dwayne and Angie..Chris's cousin and his wife!!!

A NEW CAR!!!!!

Well I have been wanting a Toyota Sequoia for a while now and then even longer just wanted something with a third seat!! The joke being a single nanny for so long ...people thought I should get a mini van to get more in the car!! I couldn't do that just yet!! After getting married I talked Chris into test driving a Sequoia and he loved it!! We searched and searched and some didn't work out, but then right before Christmas we found this one and it is MINE!!!
One thing that got me looking again was that I nanny for 2 little girls and then sometimes I pick up James, my oldest nephew and then my other nephew Wallace would always want to come and I couldn't take him because I didn't have a seat for him!! I left him crying at his house at the front door way too many times!!! It broke my heart that I couldn't take him too!! Now I can take him all the time!! SO this one is for you little Wallace!!! Now with Alexis pregnant....she will just have to let Abigail in the front seat when it comes time for that baby to want to go with Aunt JuJu too!!!

Marshall when I was test driving it!! She loved it!!!

And this is why she loved it!! Yes it has a DVD player in it...which I have love/hate relationship with!! It is nice when we are going somewhere far in town but I also miss her talking to me in the car!!! May have to do something about that soon!!!

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Playing Catch up yet again....

Today has been catch up day for me... I have been doing laundry, cleaning, cooking and blogging!!! I don't have many pictures on my computer right from my wedding... I am waiting to get them from my photographer and from other people. With that being said I will update that as soon as I can, but for now I am going to keep going with other things that I have going on!!! When I get the wedding pics in I will also do the honeymoon!!! I hope everyone enjoys these new posts!!! I will try to do some more this week!! For now I am off to bed!!!!

Gingerbread Train

Josie and Marshall getting ready to help JuJu with the train!!
Josie has a lot to sweet!!!!
Sisters loving on each other!!!!

My big helper!!!

Our finished project!!! What a beautiful train!!!!
Christmas with my job is so much fun!! I love to do crafts and gingerbread trains, houses, or whatever else you can find now!! We found this train that they wanted to do one day and it was a lot of fun!! Marshall is better about not eating the candy as we build it, but Josie will eat it faster than I can stop her!!

My Flower girls and Santa

Dallas and I dressed the girls up in their flower girl dresses one more time to get another good use out of them and took them to see Santa at the Belle Meade Club for the Christmas party!! They are too cute!! You never can see Santa enough during the holidays!! Marshall asked for a green dino and told him Josie would like a baby doll!! Too cute!!

Friends, Pajamas and Cookies!!!

Back in December Chris and I kept Marshall and Josie and I also had my 2 nephews, James and Wallace!! They always have so much fun together!!! I decided we would have a pajama party and make cookies!!! It made a big mess but they had fun and were so cute together!! We had dinner together and watched a movie!!!

They all love Chris and he is so good with them!!!!

Everyone was full of Sugar by the end of the night, but they were all good and had a really fun night!!! I love these kids!!! Abigail was missed....she was staying with a friend that night!!!