Saturday, October 24, 2009


After a long fun filled weekend my wonderful husband did the laundry, the grocery shopping, and ran some errands for me!!! Mondays are always pretty crazy and I was just beat after sleeping with Marshall for two nights!!! I came home Monday night from work and found these Beautiful flowers on the table!!! I was able to cook us some dinner and just relax!!! Thank yoiu babe for all that you do!!! I love you!!!

We love Soccer and Gymnastics!!!!

Marshall has been playing soccer(when it has not been raining) this fall and she has really enjoyed in this time around!! It does help that she is older and understands it a lot better!!! Her favorite spot is goalie and she is pretty good one at that!!!! This was the game I had her over the weekend and it was cold!! I left Josie home with Chris and his family because it was so cold!!! I have been really proud of her this fall!! We play our last game tomorrow!!! She is also taking a dance class after school, but since I don't get to go to that one..I have no pictures!!!

Now Josie and I go to gymnastics every Wednesday and she loves it!!!! She wakes up wanting her leotard on right away!!! She is so cute and just loves her teacher!! The other day she told me that Christina was going to be so happy to see her!!! Too cute!!!
I will have to say that the feelings are mutual...Coach Christina always says she would love to steal my job and spend the day with Josie!!! Christina was also Marshalls teacher..she is awesome!!!

This is her straddle hang...a favorite move of hers!!!

Her and Coach Christina right before she did the Peter Pan swing!!!

Friday, October 23, 2009

Honeysuckle Hill Farm

Last weekend Chris's parents and brother and his family were able to come up and stay with us for the weekend!! I had the girls that weekend so it was a lot of fun for all the kids to play with each other!! We all stayed at the girls house and had plenty of room and more importantly a playroom for the kids to play in!! On Saturday we loaded everyone up and went to the Pumpkin Patch and it was pretty cold and windy that day but it was still a lot of fun!!!
This is at the house with everyond trying to get ready!!
Todd and Charlene with all the kids!!!
Marshall,Conner, Cooper and Josie

Cooper with a big smile!! He is a mess...but a cute mess!!!!

This was Josie's favorite thing at the Pumpkin Patch!!! She loved the Maze!!! She kept telling me it was not scary!!!

Charlene and Cooper on the Cow Train!!

Conner riding his own cow!!!

The whole crew about to take off!!!

Josie was so funny in the corn maze...she loved riding on Chris' shoulders!!!

Marshall and Josie making Corn Angels!!!

I even jumped in the corn!! It was a lot of fun!!!

Chris and Josie going in the TN Twister!! I can't even explain but we loved it!!!

The girls and I stopped in the TN Twister to get a cute picture!! We are about to fall down!!!

Marshall jumping on the Corn Popper!!!

Marshall took a while to pick the perfect pumpkin!!!

Chris and I on the hayride...with no HAY!!!????

Josie and Marshall making funny faces on the No Hay Hayride!!!

Marshall flying down the VERY fast slide!!!

On final run in the maze that Josie could not get enough of....this time Chris even crawled in it with her!!!

Pajama time the next morning!!! Josie was all about being in pictures that weekend!!!
And don't forget little Cooper!!!!

I didn't get as many pictures as I would have liked of everyone over the weekend!! The wind was cold at the Pumpkin Patch his parents went to the car after a little while and then his brother took the kids back after a little while too!! I was hoping to get a family picture but maybe next time!! Of courst the next day was sunny and warmer but I think the wind was still cold!!! We really enjoyed all being together over the weekend and really look forward to all being together at Christmas!!! Thank you guys for coming up!!!!

Introducing Camdyn Mitchell Johns

What a precious baby boy!!! I had just missed the Big Sisters Abigail and Ansley!!! They had gone back to school for lunch and a nap!! I loved these pictures because he had just had his first bath and his little hair made a mohawk!!! I was not sure who he looked like, but I heard a lot of people say Rebecca!!! He is a cutie!!!! Camdyn was born on Friday, October 16th!!! He weighed 7 lbs 12oz......I got to go up there around lunch and hold him!! Rebecca looked great and Eric was already calling the Hogs with Camdyn!! (SCARY!!!) HA!! I am so happy for the whole family and I can't wait to go get some more lovin from Camdyn and see the Big Sisters!!!!

Just Precious

Scary times at Target

If you ever get bored and are looking for something to do with kids...GO TO TARGET!!!! HA!! The girls love going to Target...( I am pretty sure I have raised them there!! HAHA!!!) Marshall is really into the scary Halloween stuff so we started trying on costumes and masks!! They didn't really scare Josie that bad, but she was really funny about them!! But Josie loved the Scooby Doo costume!!!

Do Marshall and I look scary??

Everybody Say Go.....Everybody say Win

Abigail is in 6th grade now and she cheered for the 6th grade football team this year!! I did not make it to as many games I would have liked, but I did make it to one!! This day was really hot and James had baseball at the same time so it was just Alexis and Graves and I.... Abigail did a great job and they really seemed to have a lot of fun!!!

Her friend Allison and her with the Panther!! GO PANTHERS!!!

Abigail is the third one from the right!!!

Poor Graves was hot and so I got my umbrella out to keep him out of the sun!!!
This baby will make it to his share of some games in his baby lifetime....