Tuesday, April 20, 2010

What was in my Easter Basket???? Meet Emmie...

Easter Sunday Chris and drove back from AR, to pick up our new puppy, Emmie. She is a Boston Terrier/Pug mix.....a Bugg!! She is so cute, but a mess!! Most of you that know me were shocked to hear of me getting an inside dog.....I think Chris caught me at a weak moment!! HA!! No she is sweet and I love her, but she has got to stop biting!!!

Look at that sweet face!!!
Chris and his new baby!!!!

Emmie checking out her new bed!!!

AWWW....she tired out fast that first night!!!!

Emmie's first bath at home!!!

Running on Water...Get me out of here!!!

But hey I think I like this massage thing!!!

Warming up in her towel!!!

Happy Easter

Chris and I went to my parents for Easter this year!! Jay and his family were there for part of the weekend too and we had a great time!! I didn't get any pictures over the weekend except these.... and with these I had to make Chris put his tie back on.. I have got to work on taking more pictures!!!!

Coloring Eggs.....One of my favorite things!!!

Easter is one of my favortie times of the year.... I love spring time and I love coloring eggs with the girls...
They love it....Josie really got into it this year and had so much fun!!

Painting her own egg!!!

The outcome of all our eggs!!!!

JAMES is 7!!!

March 10th James turned 7!!! WOW!! I can not believe I have a nephew that old!!! He had a FOOTBALL party later that month with his friends .....it was yucky outside so they played flag football in their church gym!! I never got a great picture of him at his party, but here is some of the action!!!

The awesome Cake!!!
Aunt JuJu and Baby Graves

James... he looks real excited huh??

Some of his friends!!

Chris and I took care of Graves most of the time.....

Graves loves his uncle Chris
Abigail will love this picture... look at how Graves is looking at her...she was "acting" like she was sleeping!!!


Moving on UP...in Gymnastics that is!!!

Marshall was able to move up at Gymnastics this past month and she was beyond excited!!! I am so proud of her and love watching her learn more and more each week!!!

Going to Feed the Ducks and Pet the Bunnies

I helped Alexis out one morning and took Wallace and Graves with Josie and I to the park to feed the ducks...they had a great time and really enjoyed being outside.....Wallace and Josie play so good together... Wallace really takes care of Josie and Josie watches out for Wallace too!!!
Then we went to Philips Toy Mart to see the bunnies and of course the trains!!!

Graves watching the birds!! Too funny!!!

Graves and the Bunny

This is Graves Brown....nephew #3 on my side....I was trying to get a picture of him and James new bunny, but these are all I got....

James got a bunny for his birthday and it looks a lot like a bunny my brothers and I had...James named it Floppy... which was also what we had named ours!!! This bunny had gotten a lot bigger since this picture!!!