Tuesday, July 29, 2008


During the summer they have a rodeo every Thursday night down in the city of Avon and we love it... They have something called Mutton Bustin and Marshall did it this year....it is where you ride a sheep and see how long you can stay on...Marshall won this year and got a trophy!!! She was great!!!

Beaver Creek Part III

One day when they were gone with Marshall and Sophie...Josie and I went out on the water in our paddle boat..she loved it!!

And we always have to take one night and go ice skating up in the village...We started this last year and Marshall just loves it!!

Beaver Creek, CO, Part II

We also drive over to Vail every year and let the girls play in the fountain and go to the Market they have on Sundays and just do a little shopping!

This is Marshall's Daddy put her in the water!!
She loved it!!

Her funny face!

Josie is a climber!

So we thought we would put Josie in the water too
She didn't hate it but....she didn't love it!!

Beaver Creek, CO Part I

Last week I was able to go on vacation with the family I work for and a few of their friends...We have gone every summer and it is so nice out there in the summer time! It is hot during the day and cool at night!! That is my kind of summer!! There is a river behind the house we stay in so I love to take the girls down there to play.. and you can tell they love it too!

Marshall and her best friend Sophie

Josie loves to be outside and dirty!!

How sweet is my little Josie!

Filling Marshall's croc up with dirt was the fav!



During the school year I am not able to take Marshall to the downtown library because she is in school on the days they have story time so I have taken her some this summer and her and Josie love it!! Josie is at the age where she likes it too... it will have to be our activity this fall when she is not in school!! I got them these shirts for the 4th of July and I love them!! They look so sweet on them!! Marshall's says "Miss Independence" and Josie's says "Lil Sparkler".. I am telling you I couldn't have made better shirts that fit their personality!!!


It won't let me post pictures!! What is going on? I don't know how to work all this!!

Sunday, July 20, 2008


I went to Jonesboro last Sunday and stayed until Tuesday late.... I was going home to work on some wedding planning and worked it out so I could go to a few nights of WOW!! I love to go home for it and I usually like to help in class but the past 2 years I have not been able to stay the whole week so I have just been everywhere... My mom was in the nursery so I would hang out there some... She is holding Eliza Ramsey is this pic...she loved to be held and was so cute!!
Wallace didn't really like loud stuff in the auditorium so he would plug his ears and by the last night didn't even want to go in there!! Abigail and James love it and have a great time at my parents for the week! Alexis was able to help me and I think her sister both that week with wedding stuff!! THANK YOU ALEXIS!!! I can't wait to take my own kids to WOW one day... my parents will have a full house then!!

Thursday, July 17, 2008


I played catch up tonight so be sure and look down for a lot of new posts!!


Matilda's is a little country restaurant not far from Chris's family! They introduced this place to me the weekend of the 4th and it was a really beautiful place!! We were able to get a few pictures of the family... Next time we are going to have to get one of everyone together!!

Cooper is almost 6 months and he is such a good baby!! So cute and sweet!

Not a favorite but this us outside Matilda's( I was a little sick!!)

Chris's mom holding baby Cooper

Todd, Charlene, Conner, and Cooper.....Great family pic...I wonder who took that?? HAHA!!!

Trying to get a pick of Uncle Chris and Conner....they were about to fall over!


I am little behind on my blogging... things have been busy with traveling and working....but I didn't want to leave out my fiance's birthday!! His birthday was July 4th so we headed down to Mississippi on the 3rd to spend time with his family....We had a great time with everyone...the 4th Charlene and Todd(Chris's brother and sis-in-law) had us over for BBQ with her family.....That night Chris and I along with his friend Matt went bowling... Chris and I have become addicted to bowling and are ready to challenge anyone! HAHA!! Then after that the 4th would not be complete without fireworks... so Chris, Matt and I picked up fireworks to take home and Matt and Chris put on a show for all of us!!

Chris being a little goofy with the sparklers....I think he was making fun of me!!

This is Chris's mom and nephew Conner...Conner didn't really like the loud noise...

Charlene's niece, Juliana, and Conner

Chris being goofy again.... what a face!!!

Chris and I bowling.. this is the only pic I got of us!!

This is right before he bowled a strike!!! He is getting good!!!

Big Boys like to play too.....

Matt playing too.....

Maybe I can get caught on blogging.....I have done some more wedding planning so I will update soon!

Raleigh is 3 weeks!!

Raleigh is growing so much.....Chris and I went to see her last week and these are the only pictures I got....she is so sweet! She is actually 3 weeks old today!! I can't wait to get down there and see her again!! She is going to have to know her JUJU!!! Amanda and Seth seem to be doing great...maybe just a little tired at times!!

James lost a tooth...then another!!

WOW... I can't believe that James is old enough to lose his teeth....he lost 2 in 2 days!! He was so excited and waited to show everyone before he would let the tooth fairy come!! TOO CUTE!!!

This is just a good family picture I thought was pretty good... it is at the hospital meeting our new cousin Raleigh!!