Monday, September 22, 2008

My First Shower

August 17th was my first wedding shower and it was at my home church....Southwest Church of Christ.....It was a beautiful day and the ladies made it such a wonderful shower.

This first pic is all the ladies that helped with this shower...Most of them have known me my whole life and are really special people to me... Aren't those flowers beautiful???

My friends Amy and Brandy and that is Brandy's little boy..Jack

This if for you look so happy!!

This was Chris and I at my parents before the shower

Chris's mom and my mom...

At the shower...

I got a lot of great things!! I was opening the whole time!!

Whitney's mom helping me out!!

Great friends having fun!!

Thank you everyone that helped and that stopped by and for all the gifts!! What a fun shower!!!

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Monkey's Treehouse and Murfreesboro Museum....

Lots of pictures but I couldn't decide on them....

We met a lot of friends at Monkey's Treehouse the week before school started....Alexis brought my nephews too... James is now 5 1/2 and Wallace is 2.... Marshall and James think they are cousins and I just leave it at that.... They are best friends and get a long really good!!

James dressing up in theater

They all got dressed up and did a short skit....too cute.

Marshall and James are quite the pair too.. .they are always working as a team to work something up....see Marshall building the new way in and James coming down the slide!!

Marshall, Josie and friend Ella in the sand....

This is how I found Josie in the sand...she loves it!!

Josie and Wallace playing together...

James with all the ladies...Sophie, Marshall, and Ella!!!

I had to make a trip to Murfreesboro to try on the bridesmaids dress I will be wearing in Erica's I decided to make a trip for the girls and I...they have a museum that we had never been to and it was great....they loved it and I now wish it was a little closer...

Josie doing some painting....what a mess...thank goodness it was not at home!! HA

Marshall enjoyed the craft area too!!

Josie riding her giraffe...she had giraffes on her outfit so I thought it was appropriate....too cute

They have a pet owl there that they rescued and his name is Otis... Josie thought it was the coolest thing ever!!

Checking out in the market.....
Flying the airplane.... they both really enjoyed this!!!

Josie looks scared to death, but she really loved it!!

The Last of Summer...

We had a fun August and tried to fit in whatever we could before school started...

The girls getting some painting done...Josie is new with this and loves it... but I can't leave her alone with it just yet......

She loves to do whatever Marshall is doing!!

Marshall is a great BIG sister and is very patient with her!!
Josie loved to have a tea party with us now too...

We went to feed the ducks with our friends GiGi and Kim and enjoyed being outside.....
Is she sweet or what....she loves to be outside!!!

Josie wanted to swim with the ducks... She could not understand why we couldn't get in the water!!!
Marshall and GiGi feeding the ducks

This is toy squirrel....there is a story behind that...Marshall's Dad made up toy squirrel when Marshall was little and he told her that she needed to pick up all her toys or the "toy squirrel" might them....and if he got them he would keep them for a while until she learned to clean up her toys... well it stuck and now when we see a squirrel she yells TOY SQUIRREL! Hey it has worked and she gets upset if he gets close to her toys!!

When we first got there I was a little scared because the ducks and geese would get right now us....I was not a fan of them being so close!!!

While Marshall was feeding the ducks I was feeding Josie!!

Good Friends ... Marshall and GiGi

Friday, September 5, 2008


Sorry I have not posted lately...things have been a little busy around here....but while I am trying to catch up on things to do a real blog I had to show you some cute pictures of my 2 future flower girls... are they not the sweetest!! I can't to see them all dressed up for the wedding!! Marshall is 4 1/2 and Josie is 19 months!! TOO CUTE!!!