Monday, March 23, 2009

The life of WHO???

So I have realized that this blog has been a little more the life of Julie and not the life of Julie and Chris!! Honestly I just don't have any new pictures of Chris and I and I always look and see what pictures I have taken and NONE of Chris and I!!

Chris has been working part time for Anchor Trailways driving, while looking for a job!! The last few weeks they have kept him really busy and we feel very blessed for this!! Since he has been driving a lot that means that he is gone some nights or in late. I will have to say a night or two I can take but when he is gone much more than that I get a little lonely!! Although my job keeps me pretty busy too and it is about to pick up even more this spring and summer!!

Chris and I went walking at Radnor last night and it was so fun! We both really enjoyed being outside and around water...even if we couldn't get it!! HA!! He had never been out there and he loved it!! I think I might can get him to walk with me if I take him there!! We saw at least 25 deer!! I was so mad because I didn't take a camera, but I pulled out this picture from when we were in East TN last Fall.....I really need to start taking more pictures!!!

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klhodges27 said...

Where's your wedding pictures!!??