Thursday, May 7, 2009

Our first Sleepover

Several months ago Marshall and James came and spent the night with me!! We had the best time!! Chris was out of town and it was a good time for me to get these guys together!!! They really have so much fun together and really consider each other cousins!!
We started out eating at Blue Coast just happens to be a favorite of all three of ours!! I didn't get any pics there stop mini bowling, they loved it!!! And then went to TCBY before going home to watch a movie.... they both slept in the bed with me and OH MY was that fun for me!! I knew sleeping with one was difficult... it is just they really like to move around and end up on top of me.. I spent the whole night moving them back to their spot in the bed!!
The next morning we went to Donut Den(another favorite!!) and then to Abigail's basketball game!! It was really a lot of fun!! I hope to do it again with Abigail too!! I know that she would love it too!!

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