Sunday, March 8, 2009

We HEART Gymnastics

And when I say LOVES gymnastics..........I do mean LOVES IT!! She wakes up talking about it and goes to bed asking about it!! She calls it CLASS!!! And we have made the mistake of taking her to school and saying she is going to class and she got really upset when we got to school and it was not gymnastics!!! So now we call that school!! HA!!

Josie and I started this My Gym class last fall and she is now moved up in the bigger class!! Since Marshall wanted to join in the gymnastics fun Josie gets to go twice a week!! We put Marshall in a class in the afternoon at Let It Shine and Josie does a Mommy and Me class with me at the same time!! (Nanny and Me)

But these are all at her My Gym class!!! She is so good and really listens to all the directions!!!!

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