Thursday, March 12, 2009

Fun at the Park

Back in February I had the girls and went to pick my nephews too!! We headed to the park .. it was warmer but the wind was still a little cool, but the kids had a great time!!! They all have so much fun together! I was so glad I had my camera that day because I was able to get some GREAT pictures!! James use to say he and Marshall were cousins!! It is so cute to watch them play together...they are the closest they have right now!!

Josie has a hair thing on one pig tail that she matches Marshalls gymnastics leotard
she is obsessed with it!!!
Wallace making his silly face!!

Marshall posing....such a girl!!

The wind got James... he does like to pose for pictures....such a boy thing!!

They are so funny together!!!

I tried to get a pic with the little ones.....
Trying to get a picture of all four is really hard... I thought this tunnel would help a little!!!

This is the best I could get and I thought it was pretty good!!!

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