Sunday, March 8, 2009


This Josie on her Birthday....She had enough of a fever that she could not go to school today, which meant I got to spend the day with her!! February 9th, little Josie turned 2!! I seriously can not believe that it has been that long since we brought this little baby home from the hospital!! I can remember it so well!!! She was so tiny and such a good baby!! Dallas and I took her by her school to let her share snack on her birthday and those pictures were on Dallas' camera!!
Josie and I went to Kroger and I let her ride this as long as she wanted!!

Blogger has this all out of order but I will just go with it!! After nap that after noon we met Dallas and Marshall at the park....does this child look sick?? She did miss the rest of the week of school because of some fever, but it was so nice we had to get this BIRTHDAY GIRL out of the HOUSE!!!!

Isn't she SWEET????

BIG Sister Marshall is a MONKEY!!! She loves to climb and a lot of times gets others in trouble because she goes way to far and they try to follow her!! She loves it!! I actually found her telling some friends that "they couldn't do what she could do," She said because she "is part monkey!! I started laughing so hard!! I later told her that the next time we go to the Zoo I was going to drop her off with the monkeys!! The things this girl says sometimes makes me laugh out loud!! She told one day that she was sorta a boy because she likes dinosaurs!!! I told her that she was just a girl that liked dinosaurs!!

Marshall gets out at noon on Mondays so we picked her up and met Chris at Blue Coast Burrito for a birthday lunch!! I didn't get any pictures, just videos!! Josie loves to dress up and a lot of times this is how you find us out and about!! What a cute princess on her BIRTHDAY!!!!

Happy Birthday Josie!! I love you and look forward to many more memories!!

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