Sunday, March 8, 2009

Monkey's Treehouse is one of our FAVORITE PLACES!!!

We were regulars at Monkey's Treehouse right before Christmas...I mean the girl knew me when I walked in and if I came with extra kids I really confused her!! Well she then told me since she knew I was one to come in the afternoon that after Christmas they were going to start closing at 3:oo...BOY were we sad to hear this...I told her we wouldn't be able to come anymore....the girls were sad!! (with the girls not getting out until 2 it was pointless to drive out there for that amount of time!!) I talked to some others and they were disappointed as well!!
For some reason the second week of January I called them to ask them what time they were closing she told me 5:00!! YEAH....she said they changed their mind and thought it would be better to stay open later!! ( I knew it was a bad idea in the middle of winter!! hehe) So we have again been regulars and the kids love it!! I hate to say it though with the weather nice, we will have to save it for rainey days!! BECAUSE the PARKS and ZOO will be out knew home for the spring!!!

For those that don't live around here or have never been I took a few pics, but I mainly got the big parts!! There is much fun in there!!!

This use to be a big sandbox but they changed it to blue rubber pieces!!!

Marshall in half of her clothes and half their dress up!!

Josie is VERY much into dressing up and she just layers them on!!

Josie is into hats now!!!

And this is what I get when I ask for CHEESE!!!!
She is our mess!!! LOVE IT!!!!

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