Saturday, October 24, 2009

We love Soccer and Gymnastics!!!!

Marshall has been playing soccer(when it has not been raining) this fall and she has really enjoyed in this time around!! It does help that she is older and understands it a lot better!!! Her favorite spot is goalie and she is pretty good one at that!!!! This was the game I had her over the weekend and it was cold!! I left Josie home with Chris and his family because it was so cold!!! I have been really proud of her this fall!! We play our last game tomorrow!!! She is also taking a dance class after school, but since I don't get to go to that one..I have no pictures!!!

Now Josie and I go to gymnastics every Wednesday and she loves it!!!! She wakes up wanting her leotard on right away!!! She is so cute and just loves her teacher!! The other day she told me that Christina was going to be so happy to see her!!! Too cute!!!
I will have to say that the feelings are mutual...Coach Christina always says she would love to steal my job and spend the day with Josie!!! Christina was also Marshalls teacher..she is awesome!!!

This is her straddle hang...a favorite move of hers!!!

Her and Coach Christina right before she did the Peter Pan swing!!!

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