Monday, October 5, 2009

Colorado Mountains

In July I went to CO with the Wilts and their friends the Wallace's!!! We had a great time and the weather was perfect!!! The Wallace's have 3 kids and they are all so good!! I helped with all the kids at night and sometimes during the day. All 5 were really good for me and we had a good time!!! Their youngest is Lucy(4) and I have started keeping her on Mondays this Fall and we really have a lot of fun!! I could not decide on pictures so I know there are a lot, but oh well!! I will write about some of them but not all!!

They were having a big event at the top of the mountain one day and there was a booth where they were giving haircuts...Dallas and I both thought it was time for Josie to get one...she was not the happiest customer.....but wow what a difference it made!!!
I told Dallas it looked like Marshall was getting an up-do for prom!!! She is beautiful!!!
Just to let you know this water was FREEZING!!!!!! The kids did not care!!! Marshall and Lucy!!!
Rafting was fun and again the water was FREEZING but there were several that jumped in at some point!! NOT ME!!!!
Marshall got to help drive....
Indoor swimming... I took the all the kids here twice during the day... it was a lot of fun!!
Making smores inside...
Enjoying the smores!!!
This is how we found Josie after she had gotten out of her bed after we put her down...she found Dallas' makeup!!!
One day we went to a ranch and it was beautiful!!! Both families went on a canoe ride while I did a small hike!!! While they were out in their canoes Marshall wanted to get out to go see something so they went to the edge of the lake and let her out...well before she got to land they saw a moose coming up behind was like 5 feet from her... Fleming called quickly for her to get back in the canoe...she had to leave her shoes and get back in ...they did not have their camera, but came back over and got mine and Dallas was able to get a couple of shots of him coming around the lake!! While they went back out for pictures the girls and I were standing on the dock and the moose starting running around and we had to jump in the little shed and right when we got in the moose jumped the dock!! SCARY!!!
Marshall took ice skating lessons while we were there....she loved it!!!
Another ranch we went to one night!! It was beautiful!!!

Marshall ready for the Rodeo.....they always have a fun rodeo while we are there!!!

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The Hardin Family said...

Great Pics. Josie's hair was so long, i had no idea. I can't believe ya'll were so close to that moose. scary!