Friday, October 23, 2009

Honeysuckle Hill Farm

Last weekend Chris's parents and brother and his family were able to come up and stay with us for the weekend!! I had the girls that weekend so it was a lot of fun for all the kids to play with each other!! We all stayed at the girls house and had plenty of room and more importantly a playroom for the kids to play in!! On Saturday we loaded everyone up and went to the Pumpkin Patch and it was pretty cold and windy that day but it was still a lot of fun!!!
This is at the house with everyond trying to get ready!!
Todd and Charlene with all the kids!!!
Marshall,Conner, Cooper and Josie

Cooper with a big smile!! He is a mess...but a cute mess!!!!

This was Josie's favorite thing at the Pumpkin Patch!!! She loved the Maze!!! She kept telling me it was not scary!!!

Charlene and Cooper on the Cow Train!!

Conner riding his own cow!!!

The whole crew about to take off!!!

Josie was so funny in the corn maze...she loved riding on Chris' shoulders!!!

Marshall and Josie making Corn Angels!!!

I even jumped in the corn!! It was a lot of fun!!!

Chris and Josie going in the TN Twister!! I can't even explain but we loved it!!!

The girls and I stopped in the TN Twister to get a cute picture!! We are about to fall down!!!

Marshall jumping on the Corn Popper!!!

Marshall took a while to pick the perfect pumpkin!!!

Chris and I on the hayride...with no HAY!!!????

Josie and Marshall making funny faces on the No Hay Hayride!!!

Marshall flying down the VERY fast slide!!!

On final run in the maze that Josie could not get enough of....this time Chris even crawled in it with her!!!

Pajama time the next morning!!! Josie was all about being in pictures that weekend!!!
And don't forget little Cooper!!!!

I didn't get as many pictures as I would have liked of everyone over the weekend!! The wind was cold at the Pumpkin Patch his parents went to the car after a little while and then his brother took the kids back after a little while too!! I was hoping to get a family picture but maybe next time!! Of courst the next day was sunny and warmer but I think the wind was still cold!!! We really enjoyed all being together over the weekend and really look forward to all being together at Christmas!!! Thank you guys for coming up!!!!

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