Monday, October 12, 2009

A Day Out with Thomas

My friend Amy from home came to stay with us for a weekend back in September and brought her husband and 2 preicous kids!!! We planned to go to "A Day out with Thomas" and it was so much fun!!! I was able to take the girls with us and they loved it too!!! I will have to say it was a little warm that day, but still a lot of fun!!! Chris was not able to join us last minute because he has to work so I invited my friend Kim and her son Hollis!!!

This is how the train ride started.....

This girls being silly again.....

Amy's 3 year old son Hayden....he is a huge Thomas fan!!!

Kim and Hollis enjoying their ride....

This is Josie wearing the Thomas sweater that her grandmother made for Marshall when she was little .....we had to get one picture of Josie wearing it too!!!!

Kim came up and took a picture of all of us.....Josie would not look.....that is Amy's husband, Michael with Hayden and then Amy is holding baby Halle!!!!
Walking to our seats....this may have been one of the favorite parts!!!
Trying to get a picture with the girls!!!

Marshall and Thomas

I think Hayden rode this train 5 times or so...he loved it!!!
The girls and I rode it once....

They had several bouncy things and I think this one was the Elephant....I thought this picture turned out funny...that is Kim with all smiles.... I can't see Hollis...but they girls loved this one too!!!!

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