Friday, July 10, 2009

A weekend with Abigail and Ansley

My very best friend from high school lives in Nashville with his family and I NEVER see him!! He has the cutest twin girls that I don't get to spend a lot of time with so when they asked me to keep them Memorial Day weekend I couldn't pass it up!!! I went and stayed with Abigail and Ansley for 2 nights and we had so much fun!! They are so sweet and too cute!! I will be honest..I have the hardest time telling these girls apart!!! These 2 nights didn't make it easier either! I kept them straight though, but most the time I dressed them in the same thing but different colors!!! Abigail is always in the pink!!

WE did get out a lot.. they love to go!!
This is them at Target playing with a Hannah Montana Guitar!!


This is the last day I had them and we went to the park and to eat Mexican!!

Then home for naps and then they loved for me to make them laugh!! I love these pictures!!!
Thank you Eric and Rebecca for allowing me to spend some quality time with your girls!! They were great and Aunt JuJu was so happy to watch over them!!! I can't wait to meet Baby Boy in October!!!

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Abigail and Ansley said...

Hey! I haven't been able to look at blogs in a LONG time! I love this post! They had the best time and told me all about Target, the park, and their chips and dip. Thank you for watching the girls for us!!!! We don't trust them with just anyone! You are so sweet and special to our family!
Love you!