Friday, July 10, 2009

Safety Rodeo

Belle Meade Police Department had a safety rodeo in the Parking Lot of St. Georges school and I so I took the girls over and let them play and have some fun!! They also had a station where they would look at your carseats and check them out! I really learned a lot and learned that Josie's seat in my car is expired.....I will be honest and tell you I didn't not know they expired!! I mean I knew that some are improved and you might want to look into new ones, but this seat is the same one I bought new when Marshall was little so it is not that old!! They told me that they were suppose to take it away from me but they were out of those seats for that age and could not give me a new one and couldn't allow me to leave with her not it one!! WOW!! The girls learned a lot too and all in all it was a great experience!!! We did not have a helmet for Marshall because hers is too small now...They were also out of those!! Not sure why they were out of all these items because we were one fo the first groups there...I guess they were not prepared!! HA!!
I love this picture because this was the first day I tried braids on Josie and I thought it was too cute!!

So the 2 pictures above were of MArshall putting out a fire... obviously in the wrong order!!

Josie loved a Hotdog!!

Cute sisters!! I love these girls!!!

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