Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Ship Island and the 4th of July

Chris and I were able to take a long weekend to MS to see his family for the 4th of July!! We got there late Wednesday night and stayed until Monday afternoon!!! On Thursday we went to Ship Island on a boat in Gulfport, MS. Chris and I went by ourselves and had a great time!!! It was great to be on the beach for the day and play in the ocean too!!

The boat ride over!! The water was so pretty!!!

On the beach!!

I thought this picture was funny.. a bird on almost every post!!! What a pretty scene!!

This was our boat!! So much fun!! I hope next time we can get his family to go with us!!!

We when got back on the boat to leave..a young girl had caught this off the back of the boat!!

On the way back on the boat..we got in some shade on top and relaxed!!!

The 4th of July is Chris' birthday so celebrated with some gifts....see how excited he is!! HA!!

His mom always gets him a great cake!!!!

This is the plate that Chris and I got his mom for Mother's is one of those
"Happy Everything" plates so we put the Flag attachment on for the 4th!!!

Chris' brother and his wife always have a 4th of July party at their house...
Cooper and Chris enjoying some play time

Charlene's youngest niece Jordan....she has 3 nieces and they all had on these cute dresses!!!

Our nephew Conner with the rest of his cousins!!!

After everyone left Chris and I swam with Conner and Cooper!!!
We really had a great time in MS for the long weekend!! When we go we try to stay as long as we can!! We got to visit his grandma too... I didn't get as many pictures as I would have liked to, but I did get some!!!

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