Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Wallace's Party in AR

Wallace has his family party in AR at Alexis' moms house the weekend after his birthday!! I was taking Marshall and Josie to Arkansas for the week anyway so we were able to go to his party as well!!! He wanted a CARS party so that is what he got!!! My friend Amy Shumate in Jonesboro made the cake and it was great!! (her cake blog is on my friend have to go look for other awesome cakes she has made!!!)

Wallace and Josie outside at the party!!

My mom and dad came over for the party too!!! Grann with 2 out of 4 of her grandkids!!!

Abigail is really good with her new baby brother!!!!

Marshall and James....they are too funny!!

Several months ago Jay and Alexis told Wallace that he could have gum when he turned for months that is all he has said that he wants!! So Pamela...Alexis sister gave Wallace his very own gumball machine!! He was so excited!!!!

Jay and Alexis at the party... they don't get in very many and she will probably kill me for posting this one!!!

Wallace does not like cake...he is a very picky eater!!! But this year Alexis ordered half the cake strawberry so that it would be pink...Pink is one of Wallace' favorite colors.....well guess what????? HE ATE THE CAKE!! 3 pieces I think!!! Not very many people are very happy when they finally get their child to eat cake, but we all were!! We are now trying to think how we could make all foods pink!! HA!!!

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Joni said...

Love the cake!
By the way, I have a Nikon D60, but just figured out that editing is essential!