Friday, July 10, 2009


The last weekend in May...Chris' family came up from MS and met us at my Aunt and Uncle's cabin near Hohenwald on the Buffalo River!!! We all had so much FUN!!! We can't think Aunt Connie and Uncle Dave enough for allowing us to use their cabin!!!

Chris enjoyed the new rope swing this year!!
Chris and his youngest nephew Cooper

Cooper swinging on the porch!!

Conner loved the water!!!

Even Pops (Chris dad) tried the swing!!!
Just hanging out at the river!!!!

Chris and I love to take out own picture!! HA HA!!!

Family of 4 again.....MiMi, Pops, Todd and Chris

Charlene with her little boys!!!

MiMi, Pops, and their grandsons!!!

Cuddle time by the fire!!!

Can't build a fire without S'mores!

Me trying out the was a lot of fun!!!

Conner going for a ride with his Dad and Pops

Cooper trying it out too... this did not last long...maybe next year when he can sit still!!!

Family time in the canoe!!
Can you tell that Conner love the water!!?
Chris, Todd, Charlene and I went for a rides on the tubes!!! This was s story in itself!! HAHA!!

Now this is what Chris wants for his birthday!! A KAYAK!!!!

Todd took Conner for a ride in the Kayak!!

A picture we actually didn't take!!!

Cooper chilling in the water....I am pretty sure this is right before he went head first in the water!!

Chris's parents loved going out in the canoe!!! You just had to get them out there!!!

Another family shot!!!

He did a little fishing, but needless to say didn't catch much!!!

The last day Chris and I finally got his mom to try out the Kayak!! She did awesome!!!
We had so much fun and loved being all together as a family!!! We did a lot of eating and a lot of relaxing and spent a lot of time outside!!!! Thank you again Aunt Connie and Uncle Dave!!!
I will have to say after all that eating the first thing Chris and I did when we pulled back into Nashville was go eat at our FAVORITE place!!! If you know me you don't even have to ask where!!! But for those who don't here it is........OH I LOVE THIS PLACE!!!!!!!

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Zach and Kim said...

Did Chris really fit in the kayak? Looks like yall had a great time. Love all the pics and girl you took lots!