Friday, June 5, 2009

Where has the time gone???

So really where has the time gone?? I just celebrated 5 years of working with the Wilt Family..which only means my little baby Marshall is 5 YEARS OLD!!! I seriously can NOT believe it!! She is such a joy to go play with everyday!! Marshall is the best BIG sister and plays so well with others!! She will be going to Ensworth for Kindergarten in the Fall and I know she is so ready and will do great, but it didn't keep my from tearing up the last day I dropped her off at preschool!!! I mean if its this hard with one that is not my own.. I can't imagine with my own children!! Marshall and her little sister Josie make my job not a job and make me love what I do so much!! Marshall asked the other day..."Why do you come every morning while I am eating breakfast?" It was too funny!! Dallas and I just looked at each other and laughed!!! Then the other day Fleming came home from work and Josie said something like this... JuJu you go home..daddy is here... she is getting the hang of it too!! She knows that I can go home when Mommy or Daddy get there!!
Marshall had her party on her birthday, April 18th, at Glow Galaxy and she loved it!!!

Marshall and her sister sitting in the Birthday Throne!!!
All the friends make a tunnel for the BIRTHDAY GIRL to run in!!!

Just a few of her favorite friends!!!!

Her and my nephew, James, are pretty big buds!!!

The party crew!!!

The party crew with silly faces!!!

Josie and I playing around in the party room!!!

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Again, you look great in your glasses:)