Saturday, June 6, 2009

A much needed getaway!!!

Back in May Chris and I took a much needed little getaway to Chattanooga...we had a free hotel room and thought we would just spend one night and spend the day in Chattanooga while we were both off work at the same time!!! With him driving now and not ever knowing when he will work and with me working all the time it is hard to have a weekend where we are both off!! Well we found one and took a road trip!!! We left when I got off work one Friday and this is the rainbow we saw on our way there!!! What a beautiful drive!! We stopped at the hotel and I changed clothes and then we went downtown to eat at Sticky Fingers!!! It was really good....

The next morning our first stop was Rock City.... I had never been and it was a lot of fun!!!

This is what happens when you are 6'6.....he had to duck down a lot!!

Chris and I at the top.... it is so pretty and we were pretty lucky that it was not raining and that it didn't get too hot while we were there!!!

Tight squeeze on some of it!!!!

This Fairyland part was some of my favorite but I didn't put very many pictures from inside!!

The 3 Little Pig
After Rock City we went and walked around Point was really pretty but I could not get over that we had to pay to walk around....

Not sure why I am doing this but I thought it was funny!

My Giant!!! It turned out dark but I thought it looked even better!!!
Yes, yet another picture we took ourselves!!!
Then it was on to Ruby Falls and this was probably my favorite!!!!

Should I be scared?? He was looks serious....

Answer...YES I should be scared... he SHOT me!!!
Down in the Cave on our way to see Ruby Falls....
Can you find the turtle??? It is too the right of the sign....
We had a crazy tour guide know the ones with the most annoying voice and the corny jokes!!! Oh yes we had that one... she had that squeaky voice and Chris was talking like her by the end!!!
RUBY FALLS.... It was so cool to see this!!! The picture we took in front of it did not turn out!!!
Again this is how Chris was through a lot of the cave...We really had a great time and I really look forward to going back to Chattanooga and doing some more of the stuff downtown!! We went and walked around downtown before we left but didn't do the aquarium like we wanted!! We decided to save it for the next time!!! Thank you Chris for taking me away!!

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