Saturday, June 6, 2009

Mother's Day at the Park

Mother's Day weekend my parents were in town for James play and dad was able to take off the Sunday and stay for the whole weekend!! We decided to try and get dads family together in Columbia so we all went to church at Maury Hills and then went to the park in Columbia... it would have been nice if I could have gotten some pictures of MOTHERS but I didn't get my camera out til late and I didn't get very many pictures!!! We had probably over 50 people there and the kids had a great time!!! Jenny's family was able to be there too and my moms two brothers and their wives were able to join us as well!! It was a beautiful day and the rain held off!! Chris was not able to be there because he was driving to DC... I told him he was excused since I was not a mom yet, but that I am pretty sure he can't always leave me on Mother's DAy!! HA HA!!! The Park where we hung out

Baby Raleigh taking a nap on her MA

Baby Cooper just hanging out... this is my cousin Kristin's newest little one!!!

The little boys and the BIG boys played baseball and kickball for a long time!! Girls played some too!!!

But most the time Abigail, Mattie, an Lilly explored by themselves!!!

Or hung out with the little ones....THey even each got a stroller with one and took them on a walk... my camera died or I would have got a picture of that parade!!

But Wallace stuck to Uncle Jon the whole time... he is his little buddy!!

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