Sunday, May 17, 2009

Anniversary of Engagement!!!

April 15th (Tax Day) marked one year of our engagement!!! The night we got engaged Chris and I went to eat at Chappy's On Church!! This is also where we had our first date!! We are always looking for an excuse to go eat here!! My brother and his family gave us a gift card to Chappy's for Christmas so we decided to finally go use it on this special occasion!! If any of you have not eaten here before it is REALLY good!!!

These are our 2 favorite appetizers...Fried green tomatoes and blackened shrimp....YUM YUM

And this is Chappy himself....he will always come out to see everyone!!!

Glasses you say?? Yes when I went to Arkansas for Easter I had to go to the eye doctor(yes I still go to my eye doctor at home...I have gone to him since I was 3...I can't break away!!) and I had an eye infection and he took away my contacts!!! I have not owned glasses since I was 12 so it was very hard to have to go in and pick some out!! I am glad to have them now but I had to wear them for 2 weeks straight and I about went nuts!! They will be nice at night, but I won't ever be able to use them fulltime!!!

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The Hardin Family said...

I totally forgot you wore contacts. I can't believe you did not own a pair of glasses. They look really good on should wear them sometimes.