Sunday, February 15, 2009

Thanksgiving in Mississippi

Thanksgiving weekend we traveled to Mississippi to be with Chris's family!! We traveled down there on the Wednesday night!! It was great to be with his family for the long weekend with no wedding planning!! I can't say the wedding was not talked about since we had just gotten back from our honeymoon!! I didn't get a lot of pictures on Thanksgiving day but this is Chris eating a chicken bone!! And Chris with his little nephews on Friday morning..PAJAMA TIME!!! Conner and Cooper are too cute and his mom had them on Friday while Charlene worked and so were able to spend some time with the boys that day!!! We had a great time with was our first holiday as a married couple and we felt very blessed to be with family!!! Having to have Chris completely out of his apartment by that Sunday we had to leave really early Sunday morning to get back to Nashville to get a few more things out of his place!!!

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Tiffany Ann said...

Keep up the work you are almost caught up!!