Friday, February 27, 2009

Christmas in Arkansas

Again I didn't take enough pictures, but I am getting better!!! Saturday morning the 27th we had Christmas at my parents... I am a little spoiled because I HAVE to have Christmas in the morning!!!! My family has tried to change it some and do it at night or something, but they have learned that I throw a fit if they change it!!! My reasoning is that my whole life I have NEVER had Christmas on the 25th and I am use to that.. it would be odd to have it then now! BUT I think that Santa comes at night and you get up the next morning and open presents and that is how it should be!!! So if it is the 22nd, 19th, 27th or whenever it just needs to be in the morning!!! Hey what can I say I AM the BABY GIRL!!! HA HA HA!!!!

Chris and I our Christmas morning!!

My parents got the kids every kind of ball you can think of!! After James told us that Jay ran over his soccer ball and others had been lost!! They were all very happy!!

Wallace loves men... you will find him with one of them at all times!! He is always smiling!!!

We had a great time in AR!! We celebrated Alexis birthday on the 27th and mine on the 28th!! We have so much to celebrate around Christmas!!!

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