Saturday, February 28, 2009

Happy New Year......2009!!! Merry Christmas Too!!

For the last several years we have had Christmas with my dads side of the family on New Years Day!! So on New Years Eve we have celebrated at my Aunt Connie and Uncle Daves house... my parents come in and usually Jay, Alexis, and the kids... and whoever else wants to join!! We always have a lot of fun with everyone!!! Thank you Aunt Connie and Uncle Dave for always hosting our family in your home!!!

Mom and Jay celebrating the New Year!!!

I bought Abigail and I these fun headbands!!! Chris and I on our first New Year as a married couple!!!

The kids always have a lof of fun with the horns!!
We make sure they don't get the horns until right before time!!!!

Mom and day with their hats....
We save all the hats and horns from year to year!!!
Little Wallace....he usually doesn't like it loud, but he loved it!!!

Baby Raleigh and Blair Frances....Blair loves Raleigh and love to help Amanda out!!

Raleigh sitting up so big!!!
We buy all the kids 12 and under presents and they get to open all them
and Raleigh enjoyed opening with her daddy!!

And after the kids get done opening the adults play Dirty Christmas...
I brought these funny Santa pants and Nick got them!!

Mattie, Abigail and Lilly always spend the night with Aunt Connie that night!!
They love playing with each other and don't get to see each other a lot!!!

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Anonymous said...

Loved the new post and all of the pictures! Thanks for keeping the family updated...I love your blog
Aunt Connie