Friday, February 27, 2009

Christmas in Mississippi

We had a great Christmas in Mississippi, it was just too short!! We drove in on Christmas Eve late because the weather was so BAD!!! I slept some of the way and missed some of it, but it rained the hardest I have seen in a long time!! I don't know how Chris did it!! But I am very thankful it was him and not me!! We were there all day Christmas and spent the night but got up early on the 26th to head to my parents for the weekend!! We didn't go to my parents for Thanksgiving so we were trying to there to be with everyone!!!
I didn't get as many pictures as I thought I did!!!

This is Conner and Cooper...Chris's brothers little boys!! They are so cute..Cooper the younger one is always smiling and Conner keeps us laughing and busy!!!

Conner opening the "Cars" laptop we gave him...he loved it!!

I can't believe I actually have a picture of Chris and I.....I think he must have taken this!!

Cooper in his new ride!!!!

Christmas night we went to Chris' cousins house to be with his dads whole side of the family!! They grilled out steaks and we played Dirty Christmas!!! It was so much fun!!! Thank you Melissa for hosting everyone!! That is Conner and Melissa's youngest daughter singing for us!! They were the entertainment for the night!! And then Dwayne and Angie..Chris's cousin and his wife!!!

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