Friday, February 27, 2009

A NEW CAR!!!!!

Well I have been wanting a Toyota Sequoia for a while now and then even longer just wanted something with a third seat!! The joke being a single nanny for so long ...people thought I should get a mini van to get more in the car!! I couldn't do that just yet!! After getting married I talked Chris into test driving a Sequoia and he loved it!! We searched and searched and some didn't work out, but then right before Christmas we found this one and it is MINE!!!
One thing that got me looking again was that I nanny for 2 little girls and then sometimes I pick up James, my oldest nephew and then my other nephew Wallace would always want to come and I couldn't take him because I didn't have a seat for him!! I left him crying at his house at the front door way too many times!!! It broke my heart that I couldn't take him too!! Now I can take him all the time!! SO this one is for you little Wallace!!! Now with Alexis pregnant....she will just have to let Abigail in the front seat when it comes time for that baby to want to go with Aunt JuJu too!!!

Marshall when I was test driving it!! She loved it!!!

And this is why she loved it!! Yes it has a DVD player in it...which I have love/hate relationship with!! It is nice when we are going somewhere far in town but I also miss her talking to me in the car!!! May have to do something about that soon!!!


Tiffany Ann said...

oh how time flies, I still remember the red rodeo!!

The Hardin Family said...

I LOVE it! I did not know you got a new car. Matt likes the Sequoia's,too. Congrats. Lunch maybe the week after next?