Sunday, May 17, 2009

Easter Time

Good Friday the girls were out of school so we were about to dye eggs.....I love dying Easter Eggs and I started doing it with Marshall when she was really young....this year we did a Easter Gingerbread house....I know that is unusual, but I had one leftover from Christmas and I was tired of storing it so I brought it out and let the girls decorate it!! It turned out really cute!!

Josie making her pink egg......she was loving all the colors!!

Cute sisters...

Marshall with her Egg tray!!

Josie and her egg tray!!

After we dyed the eggs we went over to Phillips Toy Mart to see the bunnies they have every year!!

But I think they enjoyed the trains even more!!!

Then for Easter we were off to Arkansas to my parents!!! We were all able to be there for most of the weekend... Jay and his family left Saturday night to be with Alexis family... I did not take any pictures until Sunday....

This picture was a joke... Jon and started being a little silly thinking back to all the pictures we have in front of these flowers over the years.... I will have to see if I can pull some of those up for a future post... Jon thinks we should get them all together and put them in one album for my mom!! It would be pretty funny!!!


The Hardin Family said...

Ha HA! That is so funny. You should get a book of pics in front of the flowers.

Brian, Jamie, Molly & Sarah said...

That is a great family picture! I especially love the one of you and Jon with your mom, very sweet.