Sunday, March 7, 2010

The Last Snow... I think

I can't even remember when this was, but I think it was Presidents Day.... It snowed enough to make us want to get out in it and go sledding!! Marshall had been out of town during the BIG snow we had gotten in January and had not been sledding this year!! So I took the girls to Ace Hardware and we bought 3 sleds and headed to the park!!! Chris joined us for a little bit and I even got him to go down once or twice!! (Video coming in a different blog!!)

Blurry but I thought it was cute!!!

Snow angel at the park!!!
Josie did sled a lot, but then got cold and ended up in the car....Chris went to join her after a while and when I went to check on them....he was reading her a book... TOO CUTE!!!
Then we went on to play with my niece and nephews at their house and then I promised to take everyone sledding again!!! So Abigail, James, Wallace, Marshall, and I went back to the park... Josie stayed back with baby Graves and Alexis!! The snow was not as deep because so many had been sledding but it still worked and they LOVED it!!!

This is James and Marshall going down the hill.....

Abigail at the bottom!!!

Abigail, Wallace, Marshall , and James...what a crew!!!

Wallace Ford
Ju Ju and Marshall

Abigail and Marshall coming down together

Brothers and Sister crashing down together!! They were CRAZY!!!

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