Friday, February 19, 2010


So the day after the BIG snow I went to see my brother and the kids... I wanted to go sledding and they had been the day before!!! They live close to Radnor Lake and they have a great hill to go down....Jay and I took James and Wallace and it was so much fun!!!! Chris had to go out of town so he was gone!! :(

Before we went sledding I took Graves outside for his first snow.. and as you can see he was not impressed!!!!

" Where is Spring?" Is what he is saying here!!!!

Wallace is really hard to get a picture of!!!

Wallace always got to ride up the hill too!!!

I had on WAY to many layers here.. I look like a BIG PUFF here.... I ended up taking several off before it was all over!!!

Sledding with James!!

He was such the dare devil!!!
Jay and Wallace!!!

The boys throwing ice into the water!!

James enjoyed eating on this one!!!

It was really pretty at Radnor!!

Wallace making a snow angel!!!

Blurry, but Jay and James go down together!!!

This was the last one of the day... it was so funny to watch them come down like this!!!

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