Tuesday, February 9, 2010

1st Snow of 2010

The 1st snow of the year(early January)... it wasn't BIG but it was enough to get out in and have some fun with my girls!!! Josie didn't have school this day she and I played in it in the morning!! I couldn't wait to go get Marshall from school so that she could play in it too!!! When it comes to snow I am big kid...Well I guess I am always a kid with my job, but I LOVE SNOW!!!!

Josie made snow angels!!!
Josie and I having a little fun in the snow!!!


Pulling her a sled was a workout for her mommy and I!!!!

It was not easy to make a snowman either....not enough snow and it really wasn't sticking together much, but we made a mini snowman!!

Look as Josie's pose!! She is a mess...we can hardly get Marshall to look at the camera!!

BUNNY went sledding too!!!


Inside for some HOT chocolate!!!

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